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Moominy12 Sun 21-Jun-15 02:01:54

It's 2am and I'm up. So at 9pm I had sex, instantly after I felt pressure and back ache but ignored it and went to bed.

I've been tossing and turning for hours with bad lower back pain but is sort of one sided on the right. My tummy is going rock solid with this. And honestly the back pain is coming a going.

What shall I do?! I can't sleep

Ftmum00 Sun 21-Jun-15 02:03:18

Moominy how far gone are you?

Moominy12 Sun 21-Jun-15 02:05:55

36w 5d

fattymcfatfat Sun 21-Jun-15 02:16:10

call Maternity. they will advise you but basically what you need to do is keep an eye on the pains/ tightening. time them from one to the next and roughly how long they last, if it becomes too painful then call Maternity. or if your waters break etc. but phone the hospital first and speak to a mw they may ask you to go in to be checked over as you are not quite classed as term.

TigerFeat Sun 21-Jun-15 02:17:31

Sounds like early labour to me. I'd give the hospital a call.

Topsy34 Sun 21-Jun-15 02:22:58

How long is it lasting and how far alart as it could be labour. Or it could be braxton hicks, i remember being really uncomfortable with those with ds

Make sure you keep track of baby movement.

Ftmum00 Sun 21-Jun-15 02:27:17

I would keep an eye on baby's movements and also may be worth giving the hospital a call and seeing what they advise. I had pain on my lower back when I was 34 weeks along with tender stomach, I was asked to come in to be checked out. Found out I'm suffering from spd. So either way it's best to be checked.

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