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28 weeks pregnant - 2 stone heavier!!

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RevsDeCub Sat 20-Jun-15 11:23:54

I have been eating what I want (& I haven't had any healthy cravings - I know I'm terrible) so I have no idea why I am so shocked but I'm worried now that I'm going to be about 4 stone heavier by the time I'm 40 weeks! & I was at the low end of overweight when I started. Is there any way I can not put on any more weight?? Is it a good idea to start restricting myself now I.e. not eat chocolate or crisps? I don't want to diet, but do want to eat healthy, I just don't know how far to go with it.

I don't want to loose weight but I just don't want to put loads more on! Please tell me what to do blush

DeladionInch Sat 20-Jun-15 11:34:38

Same gestation and same weight gain here! Also upper end of healthy weight usually.

28-35lb (2-2 1/2 stone) is expected, and in the third trimester that will be pretty much all baby - amniotic fluid and placenta are full size/capacity I think.

Fwiw I put on 3st in my first pregnancy and lost 2 in the first month

mummyneedinganswers Sat 20-Jun-15 12:11:45

I am overweight as well although I'm only 16 weeks I havent gained anything at all in my pregnancy so I've actually lost weight, my midwife told me to try keep weight gain between 11-21 can't remember if that was lbs or kg but I'm also on a programme 'weigh to a healthy pregnancy' and the midwife told me to try not gain to much before 28 weeks and then weight gain is expected obviously but to try stick to 11-21 lbs/KGS and I have gestational diabetes so not sure if that makes a difference but I would suggest eat healthily it doesn't mean dieting it just means eat a breakfast lunch and dinner portioned size and drink plenty have a snack between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner and then have your supper x

batfish Sat 20-Jun-15 13:17:01

I am 25 weeks tomorrow and have gained a stone and a half - my BMI was apparently overweight at the beginning so I am supposed to gain only 15-25lb during the whole pregnancy which means I have 15 weeks and 4lb to go, oops! I have really not been eating healthily and I'm feeling a bit yuck and in need of some veg so planning to eat a bit healthier from now on - trying not to worry massively about the weight gain until afterwards as long as baby is healthy. I am having glucose test in a week so fingers crossed all ok! I actually don't feel like I've gained that much though - if I hadn't had scales I would guess less so I'm not sure where all the weight is going!

Hophop987 Sat 20-Jun-15 13:26:00

I'm sure you are aware that there is no nutritional value in crisps or chocolate ,so it is always better to replace them with fruits and other healthy snacks (pregnant or not). No one recommends going on a diet while pregnant but eating healthy certainly helps to keep your energy levels up and also reduces the risk for gestational diabetes.

SomewhereovertheRainbow02 Sat 20-Jun-15 13:27:02

Me too. I'm also 28 weeks and have put 2 stone on!
I am usually healthy weight healthy BMI.
I dont eat the best but i dont eat badly! I'm shock as there is still 12+ weeks to go!
I'm sure i only put 2 stone on altogether with my DD.

Nottalotta Sat 20-Jun-15 14:43:15

My bmi was 28 to start a bit overweight (although bmi was is a cap guide)

I am 34 wks and nudging towards a 2st gain i think. You may find you are less able to eat as you go on. I can't manage full meals now due to heartburn.

I was worried about gaining too much so the last few weeks have been trying to eat more healthily. Branflakes and banana for breakfast. At least one more fruit and yogurt for snacks. Salad for lunch. Normal dinner (or what i can manage of it.....)

seaoflove Sat 20-Jun-15 14:47:26

I was probably the same during my last pregnancy. I put on around 3.5st in total and was just hungry all the damn time. I just had to make peace with it, knowing I'd lose the weight afterwards.

Baby is now 5 weeks and I'm about 19lb above my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm low carbing and will lose it soon enough smile

applecore0317 Sat 20-Jun-15 14:48:15

I put on just over 3 1\2 stone in total, I gave birth on 1st June and have already lost 2 1\2 stone without trying, all fluid, baby, placenta, extra blood and water retention. So try not to worry too much

HazleNutt Sat 20-Jun-15 14:48:36

Of course it's fine to eat healthy and cut out chips and chocolate.
I know that the general opinion of MN is not to worry about it, but you will be at least somewhat uncomfortable in third trimester in any case, and you'll be more uncomfortable if you also have a lot of extra weight to drag around.

blowinahoolie Sat 20-Jun-15 15:19:02

I put on 3st after each of my previous two pregnancies. It took about a year to get the weight off each time. I expect to be going through this for a third time after the baby is born in a few months' time. I don't see the point of stressing about it.

The baby is measuring bang on for my weeks of gestation, so it's not affecting the baby. It's just affecting me!

ceebelle83 Sun 21-Jun-15 11:51:33

Same. My BMI was 26 and starting weight 10st 10lbs. I'm now 12st 4lbs blush at 31 weeks. I don't look like I've put on so much weight so I'm hoping its just mostly bump and boobies.
I eat lots of really healthy food, but I also eat a fair amount of shite too so I can see why! Going to try to limit myself to just the healthy stuff from here on in.

bluewisteria Sun 21-Jun-15 13:34:28

You can do slimming world whilst pregnant- it isn't a diet!! It's about healthy eating and may help you monitor your gain. Unlimited fresh fruit and veg, meat with no fat, and fish. You can eat bread/milk/cheese in measured amounts, your amounts are higher in pregnancy and Breastfeeding, and you get a daily allowance of things like chocolate or crisps. I know it sounds to good to be true, but it's amazing and is advocated by the Royal College of a Midwives during pregnancy.

goodnessgraciousgouda Sun 21-Jun-15 15:05:09

I think you need to start by working out how many calories you actually need to maintain your current weight. There are calculators you can find online for this (BMR calculators). You don't need additional calories during pregnancy until the third trimester.

When you know how many calories you need to maintain (NOT lose) your weight, start making sure that you don't go over that amount, and cut out all the nutritionally empty crap like sweets and cakes and crisps. If you don't have any problems with the pregnancy, you could also start doing some light exercise like brisk walking or swimming.

I know the MN line is generally "don't worry at all about your weight when pregnant" but if you know you're mainly eating junk and gaining weight because of it, why on earth would you not make changes???

theaveragebear1983 Sun 21-Jun-15 15:45:07

I'm 24 weeks and I've gained over 2 stone. It's my 3rd baby, and I know it's no excuse, but I'm just so devastatingly tired all the time, I'm living on bread and cheese, and have an overwhelming sweet tooth (but I think it's exhaustion). I still have mornng sickness every day as well. This week when I went shopping, I didn't buy anything 'naughty', only real food and ingredients, carrot batons, chicken pieces etc to snack on, and didn't buy any bread except White plastic bread for the kids sandwiches (so they think it's brilliant as we normally have brown!). I've made soup and bought tubs of fat free natural yoghurt and some really nice fruit. So whilst I have still been eating a lot, at least it's nutritious and not just crap. I feel like my appetite is curbed a little, and I don't have that miserable 'oh my god what have I eaten!!? feeling that makes it worse. There's not much chance of me gaining less than 3 or 3.5 stone this time, but hopefully it will shift more easily if it's not just rubbish I'm eating.

misssmilla1 Mon 22-Jun-15 01:38:54

Standard guidelines that are if you start at a normal BMI, you can expect to gain anywhere on average between 20-35 pounds in pregnancy (so 2-2.5 stone)

As per a PP, they say you should only add an extra 300 calories to accommodate pregnancy; before I got pregnant I worked out to maintain my weight at my current lifestyle, I only needed to eat 1600 a day (and the not the 2000 or so I was scoffing..) so am still under 2000 now, which is plenty, but not that much when I figured the extra crap (biscuits and cake for energy bursts) I was eating. Once I realized this and switched back to healthier snacks my weight gain has been more even.

Really hard in the first trimester tho as all I felt like eating was refined white carbs and sugar, and veggies nauseated me.

HelenF350 Mon 22-Jun-15 02:01:49

I had put on 2 stone 2lbs by 23 weeks, I'm now 38 weeks and am still the same weight. No idea why/how as eating the same, if not more.

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