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The C word

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Hummingbird15 Sat 20-Jun-15 07:17:38

Constipation.... I'm 14+4 and trying to work out if I'm seriously blocked up. The last two evenings I've actually had a bad upset stomach so wondered if it's possible for that to happen and still be constipated? Apologies for tmi there!

For the last week I've had bloating which is right up to my bra line, my entire stomach feels like there's a football up my top - solid and uncomfortable. I feel nauseous every day (but not in the same way as first trimester) and over the course of the week I've been able to eat less and less of my evening meal before feeling too uncomfortable and having to stop.

So, do you think its just pregnancy bloat or could it be constipation? I'm about to go off on holiday for a week so can't see a gp and don't want to take senna if it doesn't actually seem to be constipation??

Rudawakening Sat 20-Jun-15 07:27:37

If you can get some magnesium supplement that will help things start moving again. Take about 4 at first to get them into your system. It might take a day or so but it should work as your body uses magnesium for that reason so you could be a bit deficient at the minute.

I'm 14+4 as well, not blocked up but I'm bloated at night like you and can't eat half as much anymore as I could before so that could just be as organ start to squash together!

rebbles Sat 20-Jun-15 08:34:13

I have found that drink a hot water and lemon when you first wake up and eat lots of canned fruit has done the trick for me x

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