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Pregnancy is amazing, just BLOODY LONG!!

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JRWREN2110 Fri 19-Jun-15 20:42:02

I don't forget for one minute how lucky we are being pregnant and experiencing it and for the most part I have enjoyed it, I have been lucky with no horrid aches or pains...I had morning sickness at the beginning but that was about it.
NOW I am going to moan: So I am 39w+2d and I am SO fat now, I think I have put on 3+stone, got cellulite everywhere...I am feeling heavy and am developing stretch marks on my hips and thighs (after surviving this entire pregnancy without them I AM GUTTED). I can't be on my feet too long or my feet, ankles and legs swell up. I don't have any BH or show or ANYTHING, she is 3/5 engaged (which means bugger all), but she is still quite high really. I just keep thinking that despite my due date being 5 days away, I could be here; uncomfortable, bored and fat for another 20 days.
I love my unborn baby, I just want to meet her and get my body back! I feel like I have been pregnant forever and this is never going to happen for me! I have cleaned EVERYTHING, done all the lists to do before baby is I don't know what to do. My mood swings are not helping. So PLEASE send me some thoughts, prayers and labour dust, also please feel free to moan alongside me, somehow it helps to know that people are out there who understand! xxxx

GlitzAndGigglesx Fri 19-Jun-15 21:11:01

Aww just remember each long day is edging nearer and nearer to meeting your baby. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow with twin girls and keep thinking my waters will go every time I stand up. I struggle to sleep comfortably unless I have a pillow wedged between my legs, one under my bump and my feet up due to swelling. I swear my feet have doubled in size so I've gone from ballerinas to flip flops when out and about. I managed to paint my toenails last night so hopefully it'll take the attention off my balloon cankles. I got a lot of stretch marks in my first pregnancy and none with this one up until a few weeks ago but they're only small so hopefully stay that way! I keep thinking it'll all be worth it and I'm hugely grateful to be able to have children, but this 40 week business is a royal pita! Rant done

redsquareyellowsquare Fri 19-Jun-15 21:12:28

My best advice is assume it will be 20 days (or more!) and that things will get worse over the course of those 20 days, then anything earlier is a bonus! Good luck :-)

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