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Yoga DVD recommendations please

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Donnakim Fri 19-Jun-15 17:39:01

I am suffering with some lower back pain, and it's been pointed out to me that my posture is really bad now I'm starting to show. I love the idea of trying prenatal yoga, but have just looked up my local class and found lessons are cancelled as the instructor is on maternity leave (oh the irony). There are no other within an hours drive.

Can anyone recommend a good DVD I can get hold of? I have dabbled a little with yoga in the past, but not for a long time so would class myself firmly as a beginner.

Thanks in advance!

onefootinthebed Sat 20-Jun-15 10:04:46

I have one that in pre baby,then post baby and with baby but I don't know were it is or what it is called I will look today,it was good. I could probably do with using it myself now.

Sheepoverthemoon Sat 20-Jun-15 10:21:32

Hi, I love the dvd - pregnancy yoga with Tara Lee. it really helped my back pain. good luck

Lunastarfish Sat 20-Jun-15 10:52:18

Don't buy a DVD - just go on YouTube, there are hundreds of free videos

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