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5 days late!

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Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 05:22:29

I tested at 2 days and it was negative. Should I test again? Wait? When would I know for definite on a test?

DS is 9 and my last pregnancy last year I had period through it and didn't know until I started to lose it, Google seems to contradict itself everywhere. Can anyone help?

DulcetMoans Fri 19-Jun-15 05:36:01

Do you know when you last had a period? Or when was the last time you had sex? If it was more than 14 days ago but when you last tested it wasn't then test again - could have been too early first time.

Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 06:34:52

My last period was the 14th may, I was due on Sunday according to the app which is usually bang on

bunnyhop101 Fri 19-Jun-15 11:53:28

I would test again today, you could have just implanted a little late I would think if you where preg it will show today x

vegangirl Fri 19-Jun-15 12:30:49

i didnt get a BFP until I was 5 days late (i was also using cheapy tests so splashed out on a Clear Blue and came up +ve straight away)

Good luck!

Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 15:43:23

I did a clear blue today and still negative, but still no signs

Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 18:34:42

Am I definitely not pregnant? I'm so confused

Rosenwyn1985 Fri 19-Jun-15 18:48:56

I would wait a week and if still nothing then test again. Same a week later. If after a few weeks you're still unsure go to the doctor. I was 3 weeks late with my firstborn before I got a positive, and then it was a very faint line. It can happen.

Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 22:41:47

Thank you. I'll wait a week.

HelenF350 Fri 19-Jun-15 22:48:21

I was 12 days late before I got a bfp. I definitely ovulated late though as had a cd22 blood test which said no ovulation.

Hurr1cane Fri 19-Jun-15 22:52:01

It's so frustrating not knowing. I've never been late before though

Esker Sat 20-Jun-15 01:03:23

Hurr1cane , I'm in the same boat. Period was due in Sunday and still no sign. Tested negative Wednesday (3 days late). Have made a doctors appointment on Monday and am not allowing myself to test again until then. That way, if it's negative I can ask doc what is going on with my cycle, and if by any miracle positive, then I can register it with the surgery!

The uncertainty is driving me crazy so you have my sympathy! confused

Withalittlesparkle Sat 20-Jun-15 06:51:40

It's unlikely your GP will do anything I'm afraid, I went when I was a week later but had a BFN she just told me to wait until I had a bleed, which arrived about 40 days late!

That's not to say you aren't pregnant of course. When was the last time you have sex? So if that's a bit tmi

Esker Sat 20-Jun-15 09:44:04

Yes I agree withalittlesparkle. I'm sure GP won't do anything. I'm just confused now as to how to figure out what this means for my cycle and when approximately can next expect to ovulate. I have a pretty regular 40 day cycle (now on cd 46). Pretty sure I ovulated on Thursday 28 May. Had sex every other day in the run up to that week and during that week, last time was Sunday 31 May. Guess the only solution is just to DTD every other day consistently throughout cycle so I manage to catch ovulation whenever it is!

Withalittlesparkle Sat 20-Jun-15 10:10:57

Esker if no BFP then I'd say you're having a squiffy cycle, disregard it when working out your averages then DTD as often as you feel like it. I hate saying EOD cus it feels a little forced. I'd say every two days if you can.

Are you charting? Just wondered whether you can be sure that you ovulated/when you ovulated

Esker Sat 20-Jun-15 11:52:16

Thanks for the advice - yes in reality we don't force EOD but aim for it, within reason!

I haven't been charting so to be fair suspected ovulation is based on thinking i ovulate 14 days before period, which may be wrong. However I did have very specific pains and egg white type mucous.

I'm pretty rookie as first cycle TTC so basically making mistakes all over the shop.

Do you think charting is actually effective. Having looked at some sample charts it appears to be pretty hard to pinpoint ovulation in that way?

Withalittlesparkle Sat 20-Jun-15 13:42:13

To be perfectly honest as this is your first cycle I'd try and spend as long just having regular sex as possible. Getting in to charting/ov testing etc can make the whole process an entire head fuck!

Hurr1cane Sun 21-Jun-15 11:26:37

I came on 6 days late but it arrived. Thanks for everyone's advice

CalypsoLilt Sun 21-Jun-15 19:19:56

Sorry to hear you got your period sad

Now is a great time to start charting, I used the fertility friend app and a regular BBT thermometer.

Have fun making babies!!


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