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Feeling really anxious!

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Tillytoes14 Thu 18-Jun-15 22:06:37

I am currently 40+4 weeks pregnant. My baby is currently breech and her bottom is fully engaged into my pelvis. I have opted to try for a vaginal breech birth, although I am fairly confident I can't help but worry, as I know it carries more risk than a normal vaginal birth and possibly result in an emergency caesarian. I have however, been told that if I don't labour by next week, I will be booked in for an elective caesarian. As we don't have family around to help with our two other children, it's going to be difficult if I do end up with a caesarian. My husband has taken two weeks off, but next week he will be in his second week off. As he is self-employed, we simply can't afford for him to have anymore time off. I am extremely anxious and worried about things at the moment, I am not sleeping well at all because so many thoughts occupy my mind. Does anyone have experience of a vaginal breech birth or elective caesarian? Thanks in advance!

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