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High blood pressure in pregnancy!

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Shootingstar2289 Thu 18-Jun-15 15:20:02

I'm pregnant with number two. My blood pressure has been around the 110/70-80 mark throughout.

Today at 37 weeks, it was 132/82. They didn't seem concerned at all. My urine had no protein in it, I have no swelling or headaches. Next appointment is in 2 weeks..

I'm worried that it's high and something bad could happen? I've had a very busy week which has been stressful. I've been feeling very anxious too. Could this be why my blood pressure is high? At other times, I've felt stressed and it's been normal.

I had high blood pressure when I was overdue with my first but also had horrid headaches with it too..

MissTwister Thu 18-Jun-15 16:05:27

132/82 is still well within normal and one reading is very rarely of note. If you've been stressed it's likely to have been up a bit too.

If you're worried though most surgeries have monitors you can use yourself so maybe pop in when you're feeling more relaxed and have a measure!

Topsy34 Thu 18-Jun-15 18:25:30

If your normal is higher on one occasion, its fine, if its raised several times it causes concern.

Why not make an appointment with a practise nurse when you have a day where you arent under pressure and have it rechecked? If the mw was concerned she would ask to see you sooner.

SaulGood Thu 18-Jun-15 18:31:34

When I had a higher reading whilst pg with ds, they midwife explained that the lower figure is more significant and when that's raised something like 20 more than at booking, they start to get twitchy. My BP at my booking was 80/50 so when it was something/74, they became worried. Turns out I was just hot and bothered and it went back down.

I have very little knowledge of BP issues in pregnancy but I do know that my midwife was very clear about the significance of the bottom number and she also said that no other worries (no protein, no headaches, no swelling) made for a much more reassuring picture.

I'm sure your midwife wouldn't mind doing your BP again if you're really worried.

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