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Shit Dentist?

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MissTwister Thu 18-Jun-15 10:05:40

You may have seen me post yesterday that a piece of my amalgam filling fell out. Well I did some research and found that the general advice from the BDA is not to remove or do amalgam fillings in pregnant women due to potential risks from mercury causing harm to the baby.

So I went to a dentist today who looked at my tooth (which doesn't hurt) and he immediately recommended removing and replacing the whole filling, which is massive (I do brush my teeth but grind my teeth at back!). Removing fillings is the worst thing to do as it produces the most mercury contamination as they drill it out with a burr drill in fragments.

I said to him that i didnt think that was recommended in pregnant women and he said 'really? What about if I use suction?' I said I didn't think so and he said 'hmm maybe not as it would spread amalgam around your mouth.' Am I being unreasonable to think dentists should know this stuff!! If I hadn't have looked it up it would have been done!

Anyway he ended up doing a white filling on top temporarily and told me not to eat toffee....

FlumptyDumpty Thu 18-Jun-15 11:43:06

Sounds shit to me angry. Mine was really clued up, wanted to do no more than a clean, was v reluctant even to replace a small white filling I lost, encouraging me to leave it till afterwards if it was causing no pain, which I did. Even advised against eating pippy fruit to avoid problems with a gum flap I have covering a partially erupted wisdom tooth.

However, she is a very good dentist generally, who does advanced techniques and is always going on courses. Private only, though, so charges like a wounded rhino.....

Sounds like you did the right thing steering him away from the amalgam filling yesterday. My worry is that the next pregnant woman he gets may not be so clued up......

MissTwister Thu 18-Jun-15 13:35:59

Thanks FlumptyDumpty that's what I thought - not sure if I should complain to the surgery of if that's going too far!

FlumptyDumpty Thu 18-Jun-15 16:22:27

I know what you mean. I would be torn between not wanting to get him into trouble (cos I'm a softy like that!) and not wanting the next pregnant woman to be falsely reassured into having potentially risky treatment. It definitely sounds like he needs some CPD on this though. I mean can you imagine going through pregnancy, obeying the 1001 dietary rules including limiting oily fish because of the mercury only to be talked into gettibg an amalgam filling removed?! <shudders>

mrsatkinson Thu 18-Jun-15 23:04:15

im a dental nurse and though amalgam fillings arent recommended in pregnancy, along with xrays, in certain cases they may be the most effective and necessary treatment. admittedly this is rare, and personally i have only known one dentist to place an amalgam in a pregnant lady. the risks are low, especially with suction or under rubber dam. it depends on the precautions taken. complaining wouldnt really get you anywherr as it is advise not law. he doesnt sound too clued up though, thats my main concern! (ps i would never have an amalgam even when not pregnant!)

MissTwister Fri 19-Jun-15 07:05:02

Exactly MrsAtkinson - if he'd had a firm opinion it was safe then that would have been one thing but he had no clue and was asking me about it! He wants me to go back after the birth for treatment but think I will find another dentist....

Librarina Fri 19-Jun-15 09:31:26

MrsAtkinson, can I butt in and ask what sort of fillings you'd recommend? I have a load of old amalgams, legacies from childhood and I'd love to get them changed to something less ugly. Is that possible (when I'm not pregnant anymore!)

mrsatkinson Fri 19-Jun-15 16:12:56

librarina white composite fillings are the alternative choice. theyre usually only available privately. have a word with your dentist for suitability. if your fillings are too big they may recommend white porcelain crowns/onlays/inlays instead smile

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