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bfp now what

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happyendings345 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:00:56

So happy to have finally got my bfp. What do you have to do now.... do you have to ring your gp x

weelamb123 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:02:18

Congratulations! Yes, ring ur GP xx

vegangirl Thu 18-Jun-15 08:03:02

yay!!!!! congratulations!!!!

SaulGood Thu 18-Jun-15 08:09:14

Ring your surgery and they will let you know what to do next. Some places want you to see the GP (not for any interesting reason either. They won't do a pregnancy test, they just chat and ask if you have any questions). A lot of places now miss out this step entirely and you book straight in with the midwife who won't see you until you're around 8 weeks.

Take your folic acid, have a mooch round the NHS guidelines for foods you may want to avoid.

That's about it for now. Congratulations.

bittapitta Thu 18-Jun-15 08:09:57

Congrats. You don't have to visit your GP. Use the self referral form on your local hospital website (maternity services). Basically the same form your GP will fill in with you if you have an appointment.

beccarella Thu 18-Jun-15 10:09:32

hello ladies, I have just got bfp too yey!I had just put a moany rant on this site about being out (had lil spotting) and then no flow! am due 25th feb, how about you? The problem i now have is my partners mum works at my doctors and i dont want her to know yet,,, :/

SaulGood Thu 18-Jun-15 10:40:50

bittapitta, that sounds like a very progressive way of doing things. Sadly, the two hospitals in our county don't do that at all. Here, you have to see your GP first and they refer you on. You can self refer for very little indeed.

happyendings345 Thu 18-Jun-15 18:01:42

Thank you everyone.... have done nothing productive today at work too distracted. Got my folic acid sorted x

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