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Breech with 4/5 weeks to go.

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lagirafe Wed 17-Jun-15 18:42:32

Baby has been breech since last scan at 29 weeks and midwife confirmed still breech today.
I have a scan booked for 3 weeks time.

I will be induced in 4/5 weeks time.

Other complications are gestational diabetes, group b strep and the baby is on the large size.

What can I expect to happen? Do they still try and "turn" the baby manually? Will they just wait and see the position on induction day and take it from there?

wowiesis111 Wed 17-Jun-15 20:35:11

Until last week my ds2 was breech and the transverse - basically an unstable lie. ( 37weeks ).
Luckily he did move. There's hope!
I was offered the manual turn ( also offered with my ds1) but having done research both times decided the risks were far too high and therefore had decided if faced with it would decline and see what happened.
All if say is do your own research about manual turning as the midwives and consultants seem very much blasé about it all and unless u look into it yourself wouldn't entirely know the risks.

CanIGoToBedNow Wed 17-Jun-15 21:00:38

I was booked in for an ECV (manual turn) last Monday but baby had turned when we went in for the procedure. They would find it hard to turn a big baby.

I'm surprised that c-section has not been mentioned considering all your other complications.

Maybe something to consider/push for?

Tillytoes14 Wed 17-Jun-15 21:15:47

I'm 40+3 weeks with a breech baby. The baby's bottom is actually fully engaged into my pelvis. I have opted for a breech vaginal birth, having had a few consultations with senior doctors and midwives. My other two were normal vaginal births, so I am quite anxious about the whole labouring, but I've heard many positive stories about breech births. Your baby may turn still, my breech was picked up late and possibly wouldn't have been picked up if it wasn't for a different midwife sending me for a scan to confirm.

Pumpeedo Wed 17-Jun-15 21:20:02

They will probably try to turn baby but baby will likely spring back. It's no great shakes and is quite common. You have many variables to consider so it's difficult to predict course of action. They won't take any chances with your diabetes.

lagirafe Wed 17-Jun-15 21:35:27

Does anyone know at what point a plan would be made? Would it literally be on the day of induction in case he turns in the meantime?

LostSoulsForever Wed 17-Jun-15 22:36:57

I would suggest you do some research around having the baby turned, it is best to be fully informed in all areas so you can make the best decision for you.

Figuringitout Wed 17-Jun-15 23:04:40

I'm 36 weeks and until yesterday had a breech baby. I had the baby turned by ECV and was VERY sceptical and anxious before hand.
I think it really depends on the consultant in your trust. Mine had an 80% success rate and had been doing it for 20years. He was very reassuring and not at all pushy about me attempting ECV. The hospital had very clear procedures about who was eligible for ECV and any risk factors: big baby, mother with high BMI, low fluid, unusual womb shape etc means that they would not attempt a turn. I had a growth scan, a positioning scan, was scanned during the procedure and monitored for an hour afterwards. I cannot say it was a pleasant experience but I am very happy that I can now try for my low risk water birth.
I do not think any consultant would attempt a turn before 36/7 weeks because babies are more likely to turn by themselves before this point. There is a small 3-5% chance that my baby will turn back, but after doing extensive research and weighing up the risks to my baby, myself and future pregnancies I decided that my best options were (in order of preference):
Vaginal Delivery
Is it your first baby? (This does affect the ECV success rate). I would talk to your midwife and start planning for the next course of action should your baby remain breech.
Good luck!

Figuringitout Wed 17-Jun-15 23:08:10

P.S if you opt for a C-Section then they will do it at 39 weeks to reduce the chance of you going into labour spontaneously. I don't think many NHS trusts would be happy about inducing a vaginal breech birth unless they have a very experienced team used to dealing with breech babies.

lagirafe Thu 18-Jun-15 06:45:32

It's my 4th baby....
I do have a high BMI so that might mean attempting to turn isn't going to happen anyway then?
I wouldn't be able to wait until 39 weeks as I am already due to be induced at 38 weeks figuringitout as I am on insulin for GD and have a big baby.
I'll try and do some more research on where manual turning is appropriate as my risk factors may have already ruled it out.

Nottalotta Thu 18-Jun-15 08:34:37

I have ruled out an ecv based on some internet research and some appealing sad threads on MN . I have a breech baby currently at 33 + 5. If it has not turned by my next appointment in 2 weeks I will be sent for a scan, discuss ecv (No....) and booked in for a c section at 39 weeks.

I really wanted a water birth, and am practicing hypnobirthing techniques but the ecv and vaginal birth with breech are both not a consideration fir me.

Figuringitout Thu 18-Jun-15 09:39:19

Well, lagirafe, I think you will be having a planned section then. I do think perhaps ECV might not be the best option for you - but I would definitely speak to your consultant. Get the statistics from your NHS trust and use these to make an informed decision.
Hope all goes well!

lagirafe Thu 18-Jun-15 09:47:33

Yes I think you're probably right.... Fingers crossed he flips himself!

S2b16 Thu 18-Jun-15 11:36:59

Midwife yesterday reckons my baby is breech, he's measuring between 4/5 weeks ahead so is predicted big (dd2 8lb 11), I have decided if he's breech I'm going to ask for a section which is my worst nightmare but I've read too many horror stories of them trying to turn baby. Only 34 weeks so Hoping he turns on his own

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