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Really thirsty and exhausted

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londonliv Wed 17-Jun-15 14:50:50

I'm 27+2 and seem to be really thirsty this week - is this normal? I feel like I am downing water non-stop. I've also been really tired. I feel fine in the morning but by mid-afternoon all I want to do is sleep. I've had quite a stressful period at work recently which has meant that I've been overly anxious and crying a lot so not sure if I am just really run down or if it is something I should be more worried about. Has anyone had anything similar?

Stinkylinky Wed 17-Jun-15 15:12:39

Have you been checked for gestational diabetes?

Lunastarfish Wed 17-Jun-15 15:16:01

I ditto stinkylinky. I have been exhausted throughout my pregnancy, as my BMi is just under 30 I was sent for a gestational diabetes test as that was one of the symptoms ( my iron levels are high so anaemia isn't theproblem). Thirst is the other main symptom. As it turnsout I don't have Gd but You ahould inform your midwife/Gp.

londonliv Wed 17-Jun-15 15:36:50

I haven't been checked yet - do they do this automatically? I have an appointment on Monday with the midwife for my Rhesus injection so should I ask her then?

Stinkylinky Wed 17-Jun-15 15:42:06

No they don't always do it automatically so I would mention it at your next appointment.

They thought I had it at 35 weeks due to high glucose levels in a urine sample, so I did the test and turns out I had just overdone it on M&S Percy Pigs blush

londonliv Wed 17-Jun-15 16:37:12

ah ok - thanks I will. I have been having rather a lot of chocolate & ice-cream cravings so perhaps that is contributing to it too!

Stinkylinky Wed 17-Jun-15 17:29:42

Good luck OP smile

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