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Foggy brain

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estikat Wed 17-Jun-15 14:07:39

I'm 9 weeks with pregnancy #2 and feeling like I just cannot concentrate, especially at work. Although my symptoms aren't as bad as last time (which was mostly sheer exhaustion - but this time around the morning sickness has been notably worse). Anyone else feel like this, where you feel like you can't be seen to be letting down your employer despite having genuine reason? Last time I had periods where I literally fell asleep at my desk (luckily I only share my office with 1 other person who wasn't there at the time), and now I get low periods where all of a sudden I just want to sleep.

I still haven't told work yet although by this point last time I had - we're going through a restructure process and I'm petrified if I tell them before final decisions are made then it'll have a negative impact. This has been dragging on and on and now I've got 2 weeks until my booking appointment, which I may have to pretend is something else. Anyone got advice?

sianihedgehog Wed 17-Jun-15 15:05:30

Yep . I've felt like I can't think straight for my entire pregnancy, now 32 weeks . I have better days and worse ones, but the worry about it has gotten so bad that I'm now seeing a therapist to help.

MissTwister Wed 17-Jun-15 15:09:49

I'm 34 weeks and working on a massive project with an imminent deadline. And I can't think at all!!

Just want to lie my head on the desk.....

estikat Wed 17-Jun-15 15:13:17

I was having CBT after a mini breakdown last summer - which was caused by the stress of housebuying and 5 months of returning to work from maternity leave where I had been sleep deprived for 16 months. It wasn't until afterwards I realised just how ill I had been and I was just coming out of it when I fell pregnant again. Although in a way I feel better to deal with stuff I don't want them to look at me and think I'm excusing myself again for poor performance. Although they were quite good with me they made it abundantly clear they need someone in the position who can do the job (which I felt was a hint to get better or else I'll be laid off - terrifying!). I just want them to finish this whole restructure process ASAP so I can tell them I'm pregnant without a threat hanging over my head.

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