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Changing hospitals

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FlipUpDown Wed 17-Jun-15 12:51:45

I'm in London so hospitals of equal distance and almost 50-50 people using either, different trusts. I've had two at one hospital, pretty poor experiences really. Last an induction which, although I'm disagreed with, I honestly believe was poorly monitored and conducted which led to special needs. Not agreed, but it was a 35 weeker, sent straight home following a horrendous induction without pain relief. Recent stories seems to confirm they're even tattier and more under staffed. Everyone is happy though with the other hospital.

Problem is I'm 22 weeks with growth scans, high risk, gtt etc. will this make swapping tricky? Has anyone tried it?

sophiaslullaby Wed 17-Jun-15 13:13:28

Im pregnant with my first. I went to one hospital about 15miles out but is where mum &sister went and in the same county as me (first time mum, why would i think to go elsewhere?).
Had such appaulling care -i.e. nothing. I had to chase every appointment and was never assigned a MW.

I am high risk too so in the end i just ask my GP to refer me to hospital 10mins down the road (but different county hence the GP's need to refer). I did not give GP an option -i was going to complain otherwise.

So for the sake of you and baby, go where you know is best -if the hospital is good it will transfer everything. Although may need extra long appointment/ extra bloods for the new hospital be be sure of.

Be very firm and good luck x

FlipUpDown Wed 17-Jun-15 13:25:39

Thank you, I've rung and they're happy to take it online.

Years ago they were on a par but the difference has grown. One is new, flashy, YouTube vids and bells on whilst the other has been in the papers for failing inspections. Generally they give the vibe pregnant woman are a hassle they don't need!

sophiaslullaby Wed 17-Jun-15 16:04:28

Good for you, hope all goes smoothly. Keep open mind that the new hospital may want extra bloods/urine etc. just so they know their notes are correct. Then you won't get as stressed wondering what's happening.

My first hospital didn't even give me any notes. At 16week consultant appointment the new hospital decided to start all over again (a routine 20min appointment turned into 2hrs!) But i got my green notes, all qu's answered and hospital were so organised.

If your new hospital has videos and smart webpage full of info then that's good sign. All best for a more relax pregnancy knowing your going to a better place for birth :-)

Lilydreams Wed 17-Jun-15 18:47:13

I changed hospitals at 30 weeks (32 weeks now) and it was easy- have to admit I'm low risk so far so maybe made it easier but it is your right to choose your care so I can't see anyone being able to stop you to be honest!

I am right in the middle of 2 hospitals and seeing as the mw asked me at my booking appointment v. early days at 8 weeks or something silly I just went with one for no particular reason! Meant I could have scans etc at my local infirmary which has maternity services but no labour/ delivery so was convenient. After doing some research u found out he hospital I hadn't chosen had a MLU attached and it's so lovely- I get anxious in hospitals so the less medicalised the environment the better for me- I asked at my 16 week appointment how I go about changing and she advised me to wait till I'd had 20 week anomaly scan as it was already booked and saved swapping that which I did so then asked again at 22/ 24 week appointment whichever one it was and she sent a referral off! I had a Anti-D appointment booked for 28 weeks which she kept at my local infirmary as she wasn't sure I'd get an appointment at the new hospital in time for a new one- I didn't so that was good!

When I went to the new hospital my community midwife had said they'd want to do bloods again and full booking appointment again and give me new notes (a few diff mw tried to put me off in this way- one even said 'do you really think it's worth it' hmm) but they didn't- they took my notes off me when I got there and added them to their computer system so didn't have to go through booking questions again and then a HCA took my bloods, BP and urine then I saw a MW who asked a few questions and I was done! Gave me my original notes back that they just stuck stickers over the old ones phone numbers etc and I will continue to see my community midwives for antenatal appointments at my local gp surgery till labour and then go that hospital!

I was so glad I didn't listen to the mws who tried to dissuade me from swapping it was really easy and I felt so much more relaxed at the new hospital! Good luck!!

Elfina Wed 17-Jun-15 18:53:53

I swapped because we moved across London. No bother at all.

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