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On to the next worry ...

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wowiesis111 Wed 17-Jun-15 10:46:23

So at 38 weeks they were worried about baby's position. Had scan to check this and also size as had been worried baby was small.
Scan showed he was head down - yay! Tick ✔️Thinking that c section was now off the cards. Very happy. Then they said " but baby is big!" How they keep jumping from big to small to big I don't know.
Any ways with 2 weeks till due date they have now worried me again. Mentioning that he is big ( 'predicted at 38 weeks to be 7lb 14 oz' ). Consultant said " we will be concerned about shoulder dysphasia " or something like that. And said " we will do a sweep at your due date as I really don't wand to have to offer you an induction as it's really not nice". Why say this? I'm not there yet and if I do have to be induced surely I won't have a choice so by saying that it just makes me worry.
I have small shoulders ( can barely keep a scrappy top from sliding off ) and not does my fiancé. Apparently it's the babies tummy that's measured a little in the larger side.
I know from experience that the growth scans are very inaccurate.
Just get annoyed why they have to worry us unnecessarily.

coneywonder Wed 17-Jun-15 12:48:25

That consultant sounds like an absolute berk!!!

They keep telling me my baby is large too but not offered me any growth scans or anything and I am 37 weeks. Don't forget you don't have to have a sweep OR be induced!! Like you said they are often wrong.

They induced my friend 2 weeks ago at 37 weeks telling her they were concerned baby is too small and that she won't grow if left in the womb. She was born at 37 +3 weighing 6lb 7!!! So she would have been a chunky one too.

Being in a similar position to you hearing what the consultant said would make me very anxious too but I think your instincts will serve you well! Id be asking how sure they are the baby is large and what benefits there would be for you and the baby if you were induced.

Are you a small person?

NoCupcakesOrCocktails Wed 17-Jun-15 12:50:36

Hi Wowsies,

I had a scan at 37 weeks to check position as my baby was transverse. Luckily he was head down and no need for section. His estimated weight was 7lbs 3oz but I was told by my consultation this is average. I am now 39+5 and baby isn't engaged. I've been told they will let me go 12 days over. I wonder why the advice is so different?

I'd try not to worry as a lot can change by the time you get closer to your due date. I got myself into a tizz from 35 weeks as baby was transverse

wowiesis111 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:45:27

Thanks for replies.
My first horn was three days late and a teeny 5lb 6oz. They realised he was going to be small once he moved from transverse but predicted he would be 6lb 8oz. Obviously they were wrong as he was tiny. I'm not big ( normally size 8 ) and neither is partner so I can't see that I'd have a huge baby. I was actually quite happy that he was estimated at a good weight given that my first was so tiny.

I had a sweep with my first on my due date and he was born three acts later so I'm happy to do this bit an induction now scares me from what she's said.
I just hate how they talk all 'medical' and serious when there is no need .. Yet. Why not wait to see and then discuss.
I was told at a previous scan at 34 weeks that depending on the result of the Doppler scan they ' may need to think about getting baby out'. I then had a 4 hour wait panicking for consultant to scan me and say'baby is growing fine, see u in 4 weeks!' There's just no need.

Lilydreams Wed 17-Jun-15 19:02:10

With 37 weeks considered term and growth scans being anywhere from 10% wrong either way surely 7lb 14 isn't actually that big?? A friend just had a 9lb 5 baby totally naturally- no stitches and only gas and air- first baby! Granted I know baby's size is considered against mums size but seems a little bit OTT what he said to you!

But then again I'm pregnant with no1 so may have no idea what I'm talking about!! confused

Watto1 Wed 17-Jun-15 19:22:04

My DS was born by c-section 10 days early as they were worried that he was too small. He was 8lbs 12oz! God knows how big he would have been at full term.

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