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Presents at 12 weeks pregnant?

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MadAngryGnome Wed 17-Jun-15 09:48:45

Just heard a dear friend is 12 weeks pregnant with her second. I'm overseas and want to send over a little congrats parcel of goodies. Anyone have ideas what would be nice (and lightweight) to put in it?

I'd like to make sure it's not all just for the baby and there are some nice things for her too smile

knittingirl Wed 17-Jun-15 14:32:47

Nice idea! I would keep it simple - maybe a vest or babygro for the baby, and some bubble bath/chocolate for her.

goodnessgraciousgouda Wed 17-Jun-15 14:43:49

Whilst that is an absolutely wonderful gesture, you might want to wait just a little longer before sending something through. Maybe I err on the side of paranoid though. But also, if she intends to find out the sex of the baby, then that might influence what you buy, especially if it's different to her existing child.

I'd say the main issue will be getting everything from one place delivered in a "bundle" type thing.

You could try something like MAMA MIO for skin care stuff? Or a boots delivery with lots of lovely skin care stuff, shampoo stuff, etc?

I'd definitely avoid buying anything baby related unless you already know what she has in the loft/is in dire need of.

ARV1981 Wed 17-Jun-15 14:50:45

How about a little stuffed toy (suitable for newborns) and some nice skincare stuff for her? I don't think it matters what sex the baby is for a little first teddy!!! Just avoid pink/blue and you'll be fine smile

allgoodthings84 Wed 17-Jun-15 17:23:34

I was sent one of theses baby boxes filled with stuff for me and baby just before my due date

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Wed 17-Jun-15 18:18:29

That's a lovely idea! I usually buy Burts Bees Mama Bees products for my friends in early pregnancy but that might be too heavy to post. I like the idea of a lovely soft toy or some first books.

My mum bought me some cute tiny booties before I was 12 weeks - it was a sweet gesture & made me feel quite positive about everything.

MadAngryGnome Wed 17-Jun-15 22:08:28

Good point on it being so early, I might wait a few weeks - maybe until her 20 week scan?

Love the idea of a little book, then the newborn has something of his/her own. I reckon most other things will naturally be handmedowns.

Right so I might do:
- little soft cuddly toy
- one nice-quality newborn vest
- young baby book
- fancy chocolate for Mum
- some kind of nice bathy/bubble thing

I am in Australia so can make a few of these a bit Aussie which will be fun.

Thanks for suggestions, has definitely helped smile

MadAngryGnome Wed 17-Jun-15 22:15:03

Ooh I didn't realise Burts Bees had a pregnancy range! Off to check it out.

HelenF350 Wed 17-Jun-15 22:20:18

My friend got me some lovely mum to be toiletries from Sanctuary. I

KleineDracheKokosnuss Wed 17-Jun-15 22:26:38

Its a lovely thought, but Please be careful. Many people think it is bad luck to get things for the baby (beyond absolute necessities) befote it is born. Maybe focus on things for yhe mum instead?

yummymango Wed 17-Jun-15 22:30:33

Personally, at 12 weeks something for me would have cheered me up but I wouldn't have felt comfortable receiving gifts for the baby that early.

BadIdeaBear Thu 18-Jun-15 12:48:34

Yes, I think it's a lovely idea but personally would recommend you go for presents only for her - things that will make her feel good while pregnant, rather than things for the baby at this point.

formerlyofLadysmith Thu 18-Jun-15 15:42:07

personally I would have felt really uncomfortable about receiving something for the baby at 12 weeks. I can just about cope now & I am 38w...

batfish Thu 18-Jun-15 17:14:27

I was a massive worrier in the early days but having baby things didn't bother me as I'm not a believer in jinxing things and I thought that if anything went wrong I could just pack away anything I had. I didn't buy anything myself but my mum bought a couple of bits. So I guess it depends on how your friend feels, maybe try to gauge it by saying to her 'ooh have you bought any bits for the baby yet' and see if she says way too early or yes she has.

If you want to get her something then I read a good book in early pregnancy called 'expecting better' - made me feel better about all the scary advice about what not to eat! I got it on Kindle though so not sure if it is a thick book that would be heavy to post. Also Palmers cocoa butter stretch mark cream smells delicious but again could be heavy to post! I have heard people recommending bump bands to help with the awkward stage of not being ready for maternity clothes but growing out of normal clothes, something like that might be good?

MadAngryGnome Thu 18-Jun-15 22:13:01

Batfish that book is great, I've read it? Might be quite heavy to post though.

Okay, I think that since she sent me a few baby things back when I was pregnant she is okay about receiving these things pre-birth, but on all your advice I'm going to wait a good few weeks before sending anything. Then will do a little 'for mum' box for her in the post with maybe one tiny baby thing. Especially since she'll likely be starting to get uncomfortable around then and will be glad of a bit of tlc!

Love the Mama Bee range from Burt's Bees, definitely going to include their Foot & Leg Rub Cream. Packaging is pretty!

Koalafications Thu 18-Jun-15 22:21:57

I was bought this gift set when I was pregnant and I used the bath oil and stretch mark balm most nights and didn't end up with any stretch marks, so I would highly recommend it!

Personally, I would have been really uncomfortable with getting any gifts for the baby when I was pregnant but as your friend bought you stuff when you were pregnant I don't think it would be a problem.

Autumn2014 Thu 18-Jun-15 22:43:59

when I was pregnant my friend bought me a bonding with your bump book, like a light hearted book about pregnancy. I have bought newly pregnant friends a pregnancy journal. it's a book you fill with significant dates and a nice record. might be nice to send straight away so she can start to fill it in?,default,pd.html

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