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High pulse rate during pregnancy?

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ovumahead Wed 17-Jun-15 08:03:53

Hi everyone. I'm 27 weeks and have been having problems sleeping. Waking up really early, like 4.30am. Partly due to over thinking! But I also notice my pulse seems really fast when I'm lying in bed. Downloaded a pulse rate monitor this morning and when lying down literally doing nothing my pulse is 100 bpm. After standing for a minute it's 110! Seems very high to me. Normally, pre pregnancy, it's around 75 when resting. Should I be concerned or is this just normal?

Iwonderif Wed 17-Jun-15 08:10:18

For your own peace of mind why not give the MW a quick call? I suffered with bad palpitations in my first pg which are normal but concerned me so until I was reassured (that they were normal) by a professional I was worried. I think our pulses do become faster as we are pumping blood faster etc to keep baby healthy. However I'm not sure of the normal rate. No harm in ringing GP or MW for peace of mind. It's what they're there for. All the best. X

Hippymama1 Wed 17-Jun-15 08:10:37

I had this and still get it occasionally - like palpitations and I can hear my pulse. I went to my GP who reassured me that it happens a lot to pregnant women due to increase in blood volume etc... I had an ECG just to confirm everything was fine and it was.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but check with your GP for reassurance... I've felt much less anxious about it since and it has continued throughout my pregnancy.

ovumahead Wed 17-Jun-15 08:43:13

Thanks! Seems to have settled now which is good. Will call midwife if it happens again. Not too concerned but it just seems weird! I think perhaps I was slightly dehydrated which does increase my pulse anyway.

MissTwister Wed 17-Jun-15 09:37:24

I'd be wary of a pulse rate monitor if it's an app too - I doubt they're very reliable.

scarednoob Wed 17-Jun-15 10:45:09

my resting pulse rate is normally around 66 (definitely genetic, as there are jellyfish flopping around who are fitter than I am!), but since getting pg it's anywhere between 80-100. I did read that it increases by 10-15bpm because of the extra blood that your body has made.

I also read, after taking my bp faithfully every morning, that the digital ones aren't necessarily accurate for pregnant women, again because of the extra blood. so if you are worried, best to see your mw or gp. maybe check your notes and see what it was the last time they checked you?

MissTwister Wed 17-Jun-15 11:05:52

I heard that on here about the BP monitor too but my MW and consultant said it should be fine to digitally monitor. They said it could be slightly different but not much.

scarednoob Wed 17-Jun-15 11:15:44

oh that's good, as mine is mostly v reassuring! thanks!

ovumahead Wed 17-Jun-15 12:31:48

Thanks all
The heart rate monitor is very accurate, I've tested it by counting myself. It uses the light and camera lens on the phone, interesting how it works!

Just going up.and down all the time even though I'm not moving. I'm not feeling great so perhaps fighting off a bug which may be the cause.

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