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Raspberry leaf capsules

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S2b16 Tue 16-Jun-15 16:17:40

34 +1 with 3rd baby.
Drank raspberry leaf tea with both dc but was a bit willy nilly at taking it, (not regular at all) so I've no idea if it helped with labour (18 hrs dc1 8dc2)
Hoping it helps make labour a bit more straight forward.
Anyone tried these and think they work? Also I've read that if continue them afterwards, they help with the afterpains??
Says 2 per day with food on bottle and from 30 weeks

youlemming Tue 16-Jun-15 19:08:04

I used the capsules with my first and was 6 hrs total and a a very quick final stage at only 20 min pushing, not sure if these helped with that but they can't do any harm. I'm waiting till 36 wks this time as if they did help don't really want it any quicker with number 2!

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