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What formula to use along side BF?

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Stinkylinky Tue 16-Jun-15 15:03:32

As the title says.

I'm planning on combi feeding with formula and breast milk but not sure what formula to get.

Does any one have an recommendations?

Number3cometome Tue 16-Jun-15 15:04:56

Aptimil is great, that's the one I used when switching from EBF to mixed before, and I have brought some in preparation for this time.

OhEmGeee Tue 16-Jun-15 15:39:01

I used Hipp with both DC. I thought they were more settled on it.

MissRainbowBrite Tue 16-Jun-15 15:42:41

I used Hipp, DD seemed unsettled on Aptamil and I thought Hipp suited her better

bodenbiscuit Tue 16-Jun-15 15:43:31

I always used Aptamil.

Roseotto Tue 16-Jun-15 15:45:00

It makes no difference - they are all the same.

dementedpixie Tue 16-Jun-15 15:45:48

Whatever one your lo gets on with and you can get hold of easily. Aptamil and cow and gate are made by the same manufacturer but C&G is cheaper

dementedpixie Tue 16-Jun-15 15:46:21

I wouldn't say they are all the same as some suit better than others.

Number3cometome Tue 16-Jun-15 15:48:59

They are certainly not all the same!

VenusVanDamme Tue 16-Jun-15 15:51:08

DS started on a prescription C&G so we moved him on to their normal milk when he was ready and no issues. Nurses in scbu mentioned that SMA can be a bit 'windy' for a lot of babies but DNs were fine on it.

TinyMonkey Tue 16-Jun-15 20:46:47

Aptamil smells rank, possibly due to the fish oil in it. We moved to Hipp organic as a friend did a taste test of all the formulas and said that, to her, it was the one that tasted most like her breast milk!

I think the Hipp is nicer, although the packaging is a bit fiddly.

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