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pregnancy list

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themumfairy Tue 16-Jun-15 11:04:01

I love making lists. it's keeps me organised. I'm making a list of the things I'll needs for baby.

What must have items made motherhood just that little bit easier.
There is so much choice of things to buy and just wondered what everyone else's must buys are.

fanjodisfunction Tue 16-Jun-15 11:12:26

muslins of all sizes.

I used the smaller ones for sick up cloths, burping cloths, even nappies in hospitals. the bigger ones I used as crib sheets, for under and on top of baby as a cover. to lay them on, on the floor. as a sun shade. they are pretty versatile.

CultureSucksDownWords Tue 16-Jun-15 11:16:42

More than one change mat. We bought 3 cheap ones and had one in each main room. Also a "changing kit" in a box or basket, one upstairs and one downstairs, with nappies/wipes etc to hand.

dottiemad Tue 16-Jun-15 11:27:30

FOllowing :-)

themumfairy Tue 16-Jun-15 11:33:02

what a good idea. that would definitely make life a bit easier.
What's everyone views on the prep machine?
also the baby bean bags that I've seen advertised? there is too much choice and I think most is probably not needed but everyone finds different uses for things x

Nutellaplease Tue 16-Jun-15 11:43:11

A dummy, even if you don't plan to use them (like we did) might save your DH a trip to asda at 4am smile

CultureSucksDownWords Tue 16-Jun-15 11:48:40

I think having somewhere safe to put the baby down is useful, whether it's a bean bag, a sheepskin or whatever. Something that can be moved into different rooms is helpful.

The perfect prep machine seems incredibly expensive for what it is, to the point where I think they're making profit off the worries of new parents. If you use formula powder, you can make up bottles (safely using hot water), chill quickly and keep in the fridge for 24 hrs. This is the method that is accepted by the WHO if you need to make up bottles in advance. You can also do half hot and half cold water (like the prep machine does) if you prefer to make a feed when needed.

RockerMummy184 Tue 16-Jun-15 11:49:25

A toaster. If you're anything like me, the first few weeks when you are exhausted, drained and starving but want to spend every waking second just staring at your baby, you'll find that toast will make up the main part of your diet. (It's also easy to eat with 1 hand while still having cuddles.)

FernGullysWoollyPully Tue 16-Jun-15 12:01:04

A thermos cup. Because you will never get a hot drink again unless it's in one!

A foam bath sponge that the baby lies on, hands free baths rather than struggling with one hand!

Mam bottles. They don't need a separate steriliser.

Formula (if using) that is pre-made in cartons. Genius idea especially for night feeds.

Inpup Tue 16-Jun-15 12:05:26

Regarding prep machines - Ive just had my 35 week appts (yesterday) with my midwife and health visitor. They both wanted to know how I was planning to feed and both advised that bottles should NOT be made in batches anymore and stored in the fridge.

Also that prep machines are not endorsed by them as they do not use boiling water, they only heat cold water to the right temp. Even if filled with boiled water that's been allowed to cool this is not a sterile way to make bottles especially for a new born.

Its been quite a while since my first baby and they both wanted to make sure I was aware of changes to the guidelines.

All pretty much irrelevant to myself as I am planning to breast feed but just was made very aware that if it did not work out and had to bottle feed.

Personally I would rather know my bottles are freshly made by hand and not by a machine that sits on the side being topped up with water like a coffee machine that has yesterdays dregs if you are feeling too lazy to refill it.

Inpup Tue 16-Jun-15 12:14:50

Muslins - in every size and pattern you can find - is what I actually read this thread for. Though I always have feeling of deep satisfaction looking at the washing line with a row of sparkly white ones bleaching even whiter and softer in the sun.

The most versatile piece of fabric you will ever need - can even be folded into a makeshift nappy if you ever find you have just used the last one in your nappybag without realising ! Which is what they originally were if I remember correctly - liners for terry towelling nappies.

NinjaPanda34 Tue 16-Jun-15 12:24:55

Here's my list of lists... Hope it's useful to someone!

If you have an upstairs consider setting up a changing station downstairs as well as in the baby’s room. This is particularly useful in the post-birth aches and restricted movement.
You will need:
Changing mat. Wipes (We use waterwipes – “The world’s purest wipes”, no nasty chemicals and usually on offer at, trust me, cotton wool and water are a FAFF at 4am). Nappy sacks. Sudocream. Nappies. If you have a boy, consider investing in many face-cloths to cover their bits and to catch the inevitable fountains…
We bought a TommeeTippee sangenic tub which is great – you do end up with a poo sausage, but it seals everything up and doesn’t smell. Woohoo.

Our boys are (at 4 months) still in their Moses Baskets. So there’s no huge rush to buy a cot/ cot bed.
You will need:
Fitted sheets (x2 or 3), cellular blankets, Moses basket and rockable stand (we got ours in Argos). The Moses baskets are great because you can move them round the house. Baby monitor – for when you put them in a darkened room to stop them screaming!

You will need:
Car seat, ISOFIX base. (Much safer than seatbelts as it attaches to the cassis of your car). Pram, we found one that we could attach the car seats to the frame which is useful when you don’t want to wake up the baby! Slings, wait until baby is here – some babies hate them, and they run a sling library at the library where you can try before you buy. Changing bag.

You will need:
Steriliser, bottles (size 1 teats), bottle brush, pre-made formula packs for the hospital (although they will give you some). MUSLINS. You cannot have enough muslins. Breast pads. Formula (we use SMA).
Nursing bra (get fitted from about 34 weeks), Lansinoh nipple cream (expensive but essential, and lasts for ages). Muslins. Notepad to log feeding times (trust me your brain will be fuzz). Don’t worry about pumps etc for expressing, if needs be, the hospital has a pump.

Trust me you will get LOADS of clothes as gifts, so you only need to buy a few essential items to get you going.
Sleepsuits with integral scratch-mitts. X6
Bodysuits/vests x6
Pramsuit/ snowsuit to wrap them up in to take them home.
Hats x2
Maternity wards are usually ROASTING, you won’t need cardigans, socks or clothes other than sleepsuits.

Baby bath and support seat.
Oilatum (you can get this on prescription from your GP)
Cotton wool / buds
Dentinox cradlecap shampoo
A jug

Baby bouncer / Jumparoo – not needed until 4+ months
Playmat, again not interested in it until 2+ months
Nightlight. Nope. Our babies sleep best in total darkness.
Cot/ cot-bed. No rush, they'll be in their Moses baskets for a wee while first.

Granny pants (lots of), nursing bras, front-opening nighties, dressing gown, waterproof flip-flops (for standing in the hospital shower), a going-home outfit (you will still have a bump, so something loose and stretchy), socks, yoga bottoms, nursing/ maternity tops.
Maternity pads (you will need LOTS of these, I liked the boots ones. Don’t get normal sanitary pads, it you have to have stitches, the cover of them can get attached… Yeouch - sorry if that's TMI!), breast pads, lip balm (hospital air is really hot and dry) strepsils/throat sweeties (gas & air gives you a really dry sore throat), shower stuff, hair bobbles, hairdryer, toothbrush/toothpaste, glasses, flannels for cooling you down mid-labour (magicool mist is also very good), carrier bags for dirty washing, lansinoh cream, hair-band, peppermint tea t-bags.
Car seats (only need for the day you go home!) camera and charger, phones and chargers, cereal bars/ snacks. Money for vending machines / canteen. Headphones, eye-mask, change of clothes for Dad (he will get puked on, pooed on, plus it’s good for skin-to-skin contact for him), book/kindle, tissues, notepad and pen, moist loo roll, facial wipes, bump support belt.
Nappies (SIZE1), Wipes. Nappy sacks. Travel change mat (you usually get one in your changing bag). Muslins. Sudocream. Vests x6, sleepsuits x6, hats x2, Pramsuit. Cuddly toy. Bibs. You don’t need to take in your own blankets (apart from one to go over the legs of baby in the carseat on day of departure. They’ll only get mixed up (and never seen again) with the hospital blankets.)

anyagujraal Tue 16-Jun-15 12:39:10

Nice list @NinjaPanda.

themumfairy Tue 16-Jun-15 12:48:00

thankyou NinjaPanda some great ideas for me.
it's been over 6 years since I was last pregnant and there's so much about now

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 16-Jun-15 12:55:10

Threads like this just prove how different every mum and baby is and how they find different things useful! For example I breastfed and never logged a feed time once. I just fed her when she was hungry!
From my experience, definitely muslins. We had about 30 on rotation. We also found a changing station downstairs very useful.

LadyOrangutan Tue 16-Jun-15 12:58:13

The prep machine is AMAZING!!

For the poster above that says it only heats cold water to the right temp. That's not actually correct.

It gives water in two parts.
The first dosage of water is steaming hot filtered (by the machine) water that you add to the formula. This is the required temperature to kill any bacteria in the formula powder. (I think 80 degrees) You shake the bottle to combine the hot water and powder.
Then the second dosage of water is the filtered cooler water that, when added to the hot hot hot water brings the temperature to the perfect level to give straight to your baby.

It's been an absolute lifesaver for us with DS and I would highly highly recommend it.

HazleNutt Tue 16-Jun-15 14:28:57

Shops (that deliver) will be around after you've had the baby as well. As said, they are all so different, and so are your needs, so I would not stock up on too much stuff.

Just as an example, several people have said you need loads of muslins. I bought a whole load, and never needed them - one was used as pram sunshade, that's it. So you can definitely have too many muslins.
Prep machine would have been useless as well, as DC1 was a firm bottle refuser. And so on.

So get the basics - somewhere for the baby to sleep and some clothes and nappies, and rest as needed.

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Tue 16-Jun-15 14:47:04

I spent a lot of time in the middle of the night while feeding newborn DD researching things and ordering them online as and when we needed them... It was a good way to pass the time!

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