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Am so scared I am pregnant

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WorkingBling Tue 16-Jun-15 04:02:35

Dd is only 13 weeks! We have only had sex twice and used condoms but I have so many of my early symptoms. I haven't even had my period yet!! . I will take a test but am going to wait a few days as with dd I was certain too but a test was negative (I have irregular periods so no way to figure it out on dates) and it took another four weeks for me to figure it out again. I refuse to take tests weekly!

I can't have another. I hate pregnancy and two under 1 is terrifying. Plus we can't afford it. I am self employed and this baby already cost a fortune. We want two. Not three.

Sorry. Just need somewhere to put it down. Will take test on Friday and will just hope it's my imagination. It's not like we were careless.

purplemurple1 Tue 16-Jun-15 04:23:20

When did you have sex, could you go today and get the morning after pill?

Even if its too late for that you do have a choice. I've two 16months apart (on purpose) I wouldn't recommend it as something to do accidentally as its hard work.

WorkingBling Tue 16-Jun-15 10:26:21

Too late purple - last time we dtd was about 2.5 weeks ago. We have a small baby, I am back at work and a demanding toddler. Sex hasn't been high on the agenda!!

Will do a test Friday. I keep telling myself it's so unlikely but I have been pregnant before. I know what it feels like. Argh!!!

WorkingBling Tue 16-Jun-15 10:28:36

Oh, and yes, intellectually I know u have a choice. And I am rabidly pro choice. But I have always known that I would struggle with a termination unless there were medical reasons. I don't think I could do it. And I suspect dh would feel the same.

hurryupandgetout Wed 17-Jun-15 01:38:45

I have a 5.5 week old, gave birth and my preg symptoms disappeared immediately. Then out of the blue at about 4.5 weeks after the birth they appeared again and I still have them... We hadn't had sex by that point so I am definitely not pregnant. Fingers crossed for you!

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