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Worried sick, would you be? TMI pic..

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beclou94 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:57:43

So, I'm 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I've been having this spotting on and off for a few days now. I've had some pain, but I think that's due to a tummy bug that I'm just getting over. I'm booked in for an early scan next Tuesday, but I was just looking for some reassurance really.. Has anyone had a similar thing? And then everything has gone on to be fine? Thanks in advance for any replies! X

coneywonder Mon 15-Jun-15 21:07:32

I had this and was fine. That's hardly anything if I'm honest. Ring epu or midwife tomorrow and mention it I had it at 9 weeks and they did an internal scan but mine was more brown blood than that. Don't forget that could be a bit of implantation bleeding but honestly that looks more like discharge than anything else x

Life2012 Mon 15-Jun-15 21:52:48

That looks like normal discharge but as the previous poster mentioned I would call your community midwife office or GP in the morning who will mostly likely refer you to the EPU for an early reassurance scan.

I'm pregnant with DD2 and I have experience spotting (heavier than yours) in both pregnanies and both at the start and around 20/28 weeks. It turned out (for this second pregnancy at least) that I was suffering from a condition called "ectropian cervix" which can cause harmeless spotting but it must always be checked out.

I know too well how demoralising, stressful and scary it can be but stay positive and ring your midfiwe/GP in the morning and they'll be able to help smile flowers

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