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so fed up cant take much more of this :(

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mummyneedinganswers Mon 15-Jun-15 20:29:06

Okay so I'm 16 weeks and feel like I'm having the pregnancy from hell, and I was always one to say to people be greatful for the pregnancy you have as others sometimes struggle but dear god I really am fed up now. I have hyperemesis and still throwing up at 16 weeks everyday and still feel like shit, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week , have constant migraines and a constant sore back due to damaged discs and have to wear a stupid hideous back brace through my pregnancy and I feel like such a moan but I really am strugglingnow. I am tired cconstantly and don't feel excited at all we booked a private gender scan and find out tomorrow and I can't even be bothered going. And people are really annoying me all they say is oh the sickness will ease soon or your back will will go away after pregnancy when they don't realize that I have to get surgery on my back when babyis born so no my pain wwon't go away and as for people telling me its just pregnancy get on with it. SERIOUSLY JUST GET ON WITH IT??? I can't function I can't do normal things I still feel as shit as I did at 8 weeks I have had to resign from work due to all of this as they were just adding stress by badgering me to return from the sick and I'm just so fed up pls someone tell me it won't be like this the whole way through ???

cuntycowfacemonkey Mon 15-Jun-15 20:38:20

I had hyperemesis too and also had to resign from my job. It is utterly utterly miserable and honestly if you haven't had it you can't imagine how awful it is. Mine stopped around 18 weeks although it was so bad at 10 weeks I was prescribed ondansetron which stopped all the sickness (however it took 4 weeks in hospital before they would prescribe it).

My only tips are move around as little as possible and try and eat and drink straight after being sick (gross I know but i found it was more likely to stay down)

mummyneedinganswers Mon 15-Jun-15 20:48:17

That's the thing tho CUNTYCOW I am on ondansetron and cyclizine every day and I'm still being sick through them I'm on omeprazole renitidine and peptac and everything just doesn't work x

cuntycowfacemonkey Mon 15-Jun-15 21:54:02

Oh blimey you poor thing it must be very bad if ondansetron isn't helping. Are they giving you IV fluids? I always felt a lot better when I was in hospital on IV fluids and as soon as I left would be back to being constantly sick.

I think everyone varies in how long the hyperemesis takes to go away, it took longer to go in my second pregnancy. There is a support thread on here somewhere I believe

missmorse Mon 15-Jun-15 22:08:27

wow you poor thing. sad You've every right to be fed up and angry. I'm sorry I don't have any useful advice, but just wanted to show sympathy flowers hugs

Cornberry Tue 16-Jun-15 09:10:18

You have my sympathy - I had hypermesis too and barely got out of bed for three months. Tried all the pills, nothing really worked convincingly. The omeprazole was good for heartburn but the sickness... I was the same - I just worried that it would last all the way through and as the weeks passed it felt less and less likely to end. My sickness finally lifted at 23+4. I'm now 29 weeks and my stomach is still upset no matter what I eat, but the vomiting has passed. Pregnancy for me has been a nightmare but I just wanted to say, although people giving advice is pretty pointless and annoying, that even though it's hell now there will be an end. That's unfortunately the only thing I can say. When my sickness lifted I realised I'd forgotten what it was like to not feel sick. I know you're miserable - allow yourself to be miserabLe. I found that some people didn't understand - my sister accused me of "feeling sorry for myself" and I was so hurt and angry, I replied " you're too fucking right I feel sorry for myself!" but OH has been amazing and I think if you have support from your partner that makes a huge difference. Courage - this too shall pass xxx

TheOddity Tue 16-Jun-15 09:22:24

God, I feel so so sorry for you. I 'only' have the nausea but right now all I want to do is lie down in bed. Really sorry to hear you head to resign due to the stress of them hassling you on the sick. I totally feel for you that people don't realise how debilitating pregnancy can be and you have every right to feel angry and poorly. Really hope you are get some RL support and someone is letting you just rest in bed with the lights out which is basically probably all you feel like doing right now. Not surprising you can't get excited about the baby, I can't either during the nausea and you have a shit heap more serious problems flowers. Look after yourself and come here for tea and sympathy!

Nottalotta Tue 16-Jun-15 10:37:40

I haven't had hyperemesis, 'just' constant nausea and exhaustion for the first 16weeks. I know how bad that made me feel, and was really worried how I would cope if it carried on. Everyone was talking me it would be better after 12 weeks and me thinking, at 8 weeks, I can't manage another four weeks of this!! It lifted at 16weeks and i felt much better. Back to tiredness and heartburn at 33wks now.....

No one can tell you when you will feel better unfortunately, but rest assured you will feel better at some point. I don't think many people suffer for the whole pregnancy.

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