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Snuzpod - what do I need to go with it?

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seamistbythesea Mon 15-Jun-15 07:16:08

Think I have finally decided on the snuzpod rather than ChiccoNExt to ME. I know I need to buy mattress but do you need to buy couple of fitted sheets too? What else please?

milliemanzi Mon 15-Jun-15 07:26:18

Will watch this with interest, I'd really like one too but worry about how expensive the whole kit and caboodle is!

seamistbythesea Mon 15-Jun-15 07:49:46

Yep it is expensive, but if you look at them second hand they sell for a good price so I look at the money I should get back on it hopefully smile

guinnessgirl Mon 15-Jun-15 07:56:21

we've just bought a few extra fitted sheets for ours. Expecting to just use normal baby blankets/sleeping bags etc apart from that. And considering how much I paid for my second hand snuzpod, you have indeed made a good investment! wink

sophie150 Mon 15-Jun-15 08:05:19

I'd buy a mattress protector and some fitted sheets and that's all. I had a refluxy baby and sometimes changed the sheets 3 times a night in the first few weeks! So I have about 6 sheets, but you might not need quite so many. Got ours from the little green sheep co and john Lewis
We love ours and he still fits in it at 7 months and will probably last another couple which is great as we love having him in our room!

FlumptyDumpty Mon 15-Jun-15 08:39:40

I've just got mine and bought the bedding bundle from Little Green Sheep - 1 mattress protector, 2 fitted sheets and 1 blanket. I have a couple of extra blankets and extra large muslins too. Sounds like I may need more sheets...

worserevived Mon 15-Jun-15 08:50:54

I found the snuzpod a complete waste of money. I had a naive notion I could slide the baby across after feeding. You can't do that. The fold down side has a big ridge at the top. Also to wind the baby you need to wriggle down the bed past it to get up. It didn't even fit the side of our bed properly so it isn't universal. If you haven't bought one already, don't.

MissTwister Mon 15-Jun-15 08:56:22

I have some fitted sheets, a mattress protector and a blanket. However, I also have bought some gro-bas and was thinking to use these instead of blanket.

I only have 2 sheets - didn't realise you could be changing 3 times a night!

ShrinkingViolet83 Mon 15-Jun-15 09:11:46

I have a Snuzpod for my 12 week old daughter. I find it really convenient having it attached to the bed and I do find it easy to get her in and out of it on the few nights when she has agreed to sleep in it but most nights she refuses to settle in the Snuzpod and ends up sleeping in her Moses basket inside the Snuzpod or in our bed. I thought it was because she was unhappy sleeping in a big open cot when she was a newborn but I've been wondering whether the mattress is too hard for her. I probably wouldn't want to sleep on it. I've ordered a custom foam mattress and will see if that helps. So consider not getting the mattress that comes with it unless you're very attached to the idea of natural materials. I agree with previous posters that aside from that you need a mattress protector, fitted sheets (standard Mothercare crib sheets fit) and blankets or sleeping bags.

lunalovegood84 Mon 15-Jun-15 11:28:46

We had the Snuzpod. I got the mattress and two mattress protectors from the company and two fitted sheets from John Lewis which we managed with. There was the odd occasion when both sheets were in the wash at the same time but I just wrapped a baby size flat sheet round the mattress. DS slept well in the Snuzpod and I liked it because he was right beside me, but as a previous poster said I didn't slide him out of it into the bed as I'd imagined. In fact I don't think I unzipped the side more than about twice. Not a particular failing of the Snuzpod though in my opinion - having tried it I find it easier to sit up and pick up baby properly rather than scooping and sliding across - especially with a hefty baby like mine.

Cornberry Mon 15-Jun-15 13:32:34

I was thinking about getting a snuzpod but I decided to rent the bednest instead. At the mo they have a special offer - £79 for 7 months and you get a new mattress and a couple of sheets thrown in. I think the only main difference is that with the bednest you can't detach the cot, but I've bought a carry cot so thought it may not be necessary.

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