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Support belts - any use?

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RolyPolierThanThou Sun 14-Jun-15 21:09:48

I have SPD - not to the point of debilitating or needing crutches, but certainly enough to wake me up in the night when I roll over, make me have to sit down to put my underwear on, make me reluctant to stand on one leg for any reason and is worsened by pushing a pushchair.

It's basically like someone has booted me in the pubic bone and I'm bruised. I feel it on every step if I walk on the flat (not worsened by stairs, which I find odd). So quite painful but not agony.

I had this with each of my previous pregnancies and physio did very little at the time. Is it worth getting a support belt? Has anyone tried one and found it useful or useless? I'd bloody kick myself if that's all that was needed to take this pain away (not in the pubic bone though. I already have pain enough there).

I also get a stitch-like pain on the underside of the bump if I walk longer than about ten minutes, and it's worse when walking uphill. I set off from my house, arms swinging, normal pace and within ten minutes I have to slow right down because of the pain. Is this also something a support belt would alleviate? I don't want to waste money on something that, it turns out, is not actually all that useful.

Mamabear14 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:14:25

I found it useless, but that was because it made my back worse and the tightness around my hips made them click worse with every step. BUT it was good for taking the pressure of the bump off the pubic bone. So it's definitely worth a try smile

yummymango Sun 14-Jun-15 21:20:15

I find my support belt helps when walking but it doesn't take the pain away. I also tend to find that the pain is not as bad during the night if I have been wearing the belt during the day when walking around or doing housework. It also helps to lift the bump a bit so less pressure. There are many different ones though so it might be a bit of trial and error, I have four and 2 of them are great and the other 2 are uncomfortable and annoying.

Whatabout Sun 14-Jun-15 21:20:18

What pp said.

HelenF350 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:39:41

It helps while walking (not much help to me as I can't get far on my crutches!). You can't wear it sitting down through, it's too uncomfortable.

Emz1989 Mon 15-Jun-15 12:24:05

I've been using a Nexcare support belt - it was nearly £40 in mothercare but I have seen them cheaper on eBay.
It hasn't resolved all my pgp issues, and as a teacher it's been a bit of a nuisance as I'm swapping between standing/sitting so often, which j have found makes the belt a tad uncomfortable.
I've certainly found it useful if I know I'm going to be walking any length of distance.
It's by no means been a miracle cure, but it's definitely helped somewhat.
I feel your pain though, pgp has slowly been grinding me down throughout my pregnancy. I was referred to physio through my midwife which took 7 weeks for an appt - it was useful and she gave me some good stretches but the pain and discomfort is constant. Just hoping it disappears as soon as baby is born!

Rosenwyn1985 Mon 15-Jun-15 13:31:32

I would say go see your physio about it. Mine tried a few out on me, then once we'd established which one worked best and the size I got that one. I find mine fantastic for work (I'm on my feet). It feels like it just holds my hips in place. Works a treat. I Don't sit in it though. Makes me want to wee! I have the Emma Jane maternity belt in size 22/24 (I'm a size 16/18 Which goes to show how badly matched it can be). I got it off Amazon for around £13.

RolyPolierThanThou Mon 15-Jun-15 20:58:52

Thank you for your input, everyone. So it seems it can work but there it's worth trying out different types to find one that suits.

My job is mostly sitting down, but I'm walking about once I get home (I have two under 3 at home).

EMZ1989 in my experience, it does disappear as soon as the baby is out. I assume there is just less weight pushing down and making the pelvis unstable. I don't remember suffering with it once the baby had arrived.

blowinahoolie Mon 15-Jun-15 21:24:41

I was given a support belt for free by the NHS physiotherapist about three weeks ago and I've found it really is worth it. I have noticed it helps during the day at times when I'm on the go (through necessity) and I try to also rest as much as I can where possible.

I have had PGP with previous two pregnancies and it was no fun, the belt helped a lot.

blowinahoolie Mon 15-Jun-15 21:25:47

"I don't want to waste money on something that, it turns out, is not actually all that useful."

No need to waste any money, speak to your NHS physio and you'll get one fitted for free.

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