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Fibroids and sore hips... Owch!

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lilwelshyrs Sun 14-Jun-15 19:25:18

So I'm at week 18 of my first pregnancy and everything has been going well. I didn't suffer from any morning sickness or food aversions, I've not had any bizarre cravings (yet!) and have been feeling pretty good so far.
And then last night happened.
I was experiencing a dull ache whilst sat on the sofa... It hurt on my lower back and my right hip... I was also quite sore under my bump and I put it down to a bit of expanding and ligament pain.
Then when i went to bed it got loads worse. I couldn't lie on either side for long before the pain got too much - it almost felt like my bump was too big for my tummy... I got up for a wee about 4 times which is a new record for me. I had drunk an awful lot that day! I wasn't conscious enough to work out that taking some paracetamol was a good idea and we were staying at my brother-in-laws anyway, so not at home.
I woke up at 5am in tears and woke my DH who got me the phone and some paracetamol.

I had an appointment with an OOH GP who then referred me to the EPU who did a full check up and listened to the heartbeat and everything was fine. They agreed it was probably my fibroid and gave me some stronger pain killers to take home and have whenever I needed it.

So now I'm home and the pain is still there. It's no where near as bad as it was last night (thank god!) but its very localised to my right side, my right hip and my lower back on my right side. I had described this to the consultant at the time and she wasn't too concerned.

I was curious if anyone else has experience of fibroids?
I also think some of my pelvic pain is to do with my numerous horse accidents where I've landed on or hit my hip badly. My chiropractor says my pelvis is twisted and one side is higher than the other so I'm worried it'll make things more complicated.

Anyone with any insight or experience of this or similar?
Thanks all!

dinodiva Sun 14-Jun-15 22:05:54

I had fibroid degeneration pain at about 19 weeks and was prescribed paracetamol and codeine for the pain. It was bloody awful! I was on bed rest for a couple if days (the codeine made me sleep) and it took a good week to feel back to normal.

Apparently it can come back during pregnancy and I'm keeping everything crossed that it doesn't (I'm now 26 + 2).

Take it easy for a couple of days and hope you feel better soon!

LorryHen Mon 15-Jun-15 08:12:28

Do you know what kind of fibroid you have? I'm 21 weeks with a 9cm one that has grown on a stalk. Sometimes it twists on the stalk and is really painful don't know if it's something like that?

lilwelshyrs Mon 15-Jun-15 10:08:46

Oh wow, no, i dont know what fibroid i have. I only know it's 11cms in diameter which seems huge haha!
dinodiva I'm glad it can get better... i'm self employed and have a very busy week this week... I hope i can get through that and then have a week of bed rest... Although at the moment, standing up seems to be the only thing i can do without getting into a lot of pain!

I'm off to the GP this morning as i think it's PGD. I have a very swollen lower back on my right which is the side of my fibroid and the side i constantly injure in horse riding accidents!!

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