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Spd/pgp help!

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grace11 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:58:46

I know there are a lot of posts about this on mumsnet but desperately need recommendations of a brilliant (but reasonably priced) chiropractor, osteopath or physio who specialises in spd in London. The specialists recommended seem to be out of London and I just can't take regular weekly trips out - I have no car, a young child etc. Symptoms have already started and I'm only 17 weeks so v worried. Thank you x

CityDweller Sun 14-Jun-15 17:30:35

Physio - the Six Physio group has several women's health physios. I've been seeing one of them who was properly amazing (but is now sadly on extended sick leave). It's not hugely cheap, but I only need to go about once a month or so.

Osteopath - OCC (Osteopathic children's centre, clinics in Wandsworth or Shoreditch). Nice, caring, cranial-sacral style. They are a charity and operate on a pay-what-you-can-afford system (or used to when I went).

First pregnancy (SPD presented at about 20 wks) I saw OCC and also an accupunturist who specialised in pregnancy/ women's health (also in Shoreditch). I think the acupuncture helped the most, actually, in keeping the pain manageable. Acupuncturist was also very affordable. Happy to recommend if you pm me.

This time round I'd already been seeing a women's health physio (at Six Physio) between pregnancies for other issues, so I've just carried on with them. Am 24 wks now and have had twinges/ the odd bad day but so far I seem to be keeping it at bay. If it gets bad again, I'll add the acupuncture back into the mix.

Interestingly, I was much fitter and more active prior and during my first pregnancy. This time hardly at all...

grace11 Sun 14-Jun-15 19:16:32

Thank you, very useful. I had a look at occ but the hours are going to be too tricky - I need Saturday or after work really unless it's close. I'm also slightly skeptical about osteopaths - I had a great one in Oxford when I damaged my neck so took my daughter when she was very young to a London based one and he barely touched her and told me he'd cured all sorts of things - need-less-to-say nothing was different except I was £60 poorer! I'm going to have a look at six physio - they sound good - but I'm worried they are beyond what I can pay as I imagine I'll need to go each week. Might go to the dr tomorrow and see what the Nhs can offer - won't get my hopes up - read lots of negative things on here about that route...

grace11 Sun 14-Jun-15 19:49:55

Forgot to ask - do you know if Pilates is good for spd? Definitely keeping clear of yoga - think it caused the problem for me in the first place - was doing deep squats in last pregnancy and that's when the problems started...

CityDweller Sun 14-Jun-15 20:21:50

I had no joy with NHS physios at all. They were utterly clueless. But I know others have had better luck. Six Physio have before and after work apt slots, but I don't think they're open Saturdays.

Pilates definitely good, so long as you have a teacher who knows what they're doing. And yes, yoga not great for it (at least not for me) as part of the problem with spd is that you're already too stretchy/ loose and generally need to avoid much of the legs-spread wide style poses in yoga. I think one of the reasons mine hasn't been as bad, so far, this pregnancy is because I was doing proper pilates (taught by physios trained in pilates) between pregnancies.

If it gives you hope, mine was bad weeks 22-32ish in last pregnancy, but then much better for the last 6-8 weeks.

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