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What clothes do I need for a summer baby?

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Maya15 Sun 14-Jun-15 13:20:20

Our first baby is due at the end of July. We have a few bits and bobs but I am honestly a bit overwhelmed by how many clothes we would need for "newborn" size and how many for "0-3months". Can anyone advise?
Do I need warmer things (like a cardigan) for the first month considering it will be August and probably hot (we live in SW England).
I don't want to go overboard buying things that the baby will only use for 4-6 weeks. What are the best shops to buy decent priced first outfits in bundles? Most of our stuff is from Mothercare so far.

Any help much appreciated!
And if anyone can recommend a breastfeeding pillow too let me know grin

FluffyJawsOfDoom Sun 14-Jun-15 14:03:13

Maybe just buy one cardigan in0-3, so it might be a bit big but it's there if you need it? Primark and H&M do affordable clothes. My bf pillow is from John Lewis, £25 x

GlitterTwinkleToes Sun 14-Jun-15 14:11:54

For the first four or so months Dd lived in vests and sleepsuits, had around fifteen of each and two cardigans and a coat - she was born in march and was a premmie so a coat wouldnt necessarily be important to buy for you.
Mostly bought from Asda, next and debenhams.
I would get a couple of items in newborn.and the majority of 0-3. They're not expensive to buy (around seven pound for a pack.of three sleepsuits or five vests in Asda)

saturnvista Sun 14-Jun-15 14:20:25

I'm having a second summer baby and buying nothing beyond a few bits and bobs. You will be amazed at the deluge of gifts all from Next

Christelle2207 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:22:27

Initially you will be fine with vests (bodysuits)- probably short sleeved or sleeveless- and sleepsuits. Maybe one cardi. You'll get given loads and remember you can always order more stuff online.
Don't get too much newborn/up to 1 month stuff and if you do keep receipts to change them if you need to.
My nearly 10 pounder went straight into 0-3 months stuff. My 7lb first baby didn't get much wear out of them.

Wishful80smontage Sun 14-Jun-15 14:23:12

You will get tons as presents I'm sure- but agree vests, sleepsuits (next ones good have built in mittens for hands). And couple of cardigans.

Wishful80smontage Sun 14-Jun-15 14:23:40

Yet to just buying 0-3 month stuff.

Christelle2207 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:24:12

M&S stuff is lovely if a bit pricey, most clothes I have bought have been from sainsbury's which is very good value.

cherryade8 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:30:58

I'd buy very little in newborn size, even if you have a little baby (like I did) they grow fast. I wouldn't get any cardies in newborn, you can always use a blanket if it's cold!

Tesco and Sainsbury have good value, nice babygros, body suits etc.

HmmAnOxfordComma Sun 14-Jun-15 14:33:08

You only need vests and baby grows until they're quite a bit older. We just had white for bedtime and coloured for daytime/going out!

And you will get bought lots of stuff too!

lentilpot Sun 14-Jun-15 14:41:17

We had some great value bundles from eBay, barely used! My baby was born right at the end of July and it did get mild in the evening all though August. And September will be thee before you know it! So I would definitely get a cardigan or two in 0-3 month size.

MissTwister Sun 14-Jun-15 16:18:42

I am due end July and have just gone through working this all out!

In the end I went for a mixture of newborn (up to 7.6lbs) and up to one month (10lbs). I have bought vests and sleepsuits and a couple of cardigans. To be honest even if the smallest sized stuff isn't used much tiny baby stuff doesn't really cost a fortune - I think I paid £2.75 for 3 vests in Tesco! This seemed to be the best place for basics and about half the price of Mothercare.

In total on clothes including mittens, hats and the above I spent about £100 and this was all new - you can easily get second hand cheaper.

Maya15 Sun 14-Jun-15 16:18:53

Thank you so much for all the good advice!

OneFlewOverTheMumsNest Sun 14-Jun-15 16:29:01

Also just a warning, I hated feeding with a pillow, it made me feel so hot. DD was born in spring but between the hormones and the pillow I was boiling!

Maya15 Sun 14-Jun-15 16:45:08

MissTwister how many vests and sleepsuits in each size did you buy?
I have some already but not sure how many we will need.

Shootingstar2289 Sun 14-Jun-15 16:53:31

My baby is due next month too. I am also a bit confused. My son was a Winter going into Spring birthday so was easier to buy clothes.

With my first, I learnt not to buy too much newborn as he was in 0-3 months 3-4 weeks after birth.

For this one. I've bought short sleeved vests, sleep suits, a few cardigans and a few outfits but they are mainly long sleeved.

Live in Cornwall and it usually rains in August so bought her a lighters jacket, not a thick coat. hmm

If I find I haven't got enough, I'll just order some clothes for her. But my son had so much, most of which never got worn. So don't want to go mad!

Good luck smile

MissTwister Sun 14-Jun-15 17:01:18

I bought 8 vests in each size and 6 babygrows in each size. That's enough to get started I figured and then I can buy more in what ever size I need. Hospital list says to bring 4 vests and babygrows in with you.

Don't forget hats even though it's the summer!

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