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Gum ouch

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MissTwister Sat 13-Jun-15 18:13:12

I seem to have developed a bit of a gum infection at the back of my mouth. I've had it before pre-pregnancy and dentist said its a pocket beside a wisdom tooth that's got infected. It tends to happen when I am run down and ive been really stressed at work this week....

Has anyone had this when pregnant? Can I use Corsodyl?


sj73 Sat 13-Jun-15 18:15:11

Pregnancy does strange things to your teeth and gums. My wisdom tooth sctuay fell out when pregnant. My gums were terrible and I've had severe periodontitis ever since so get yourself booked into the hygienist for a clean if you can.

TopCivilServant Sat 13-Jun-15 18:17:22

Get to the dentist now while its free! I had this. Brush for an extra long time twice a day and use interdental brushes after you brush and after meals and use a high fluoride toothpaste.

Skiptonlass Sat 13-Jun-15 19:54:12

Definitely go to the dentist - gum infections in pregnancy need to be sorted out pronto as long term gum disease can have systemic cardio effects.

dental floss, people!

MissTwister Sat 13-Jun-15 19:56:43

It usually goes after a day or so of Corsodyl Skiptonlass. I don't think i generally have gum disease as had a check a few months ago

Skiptonlass Sat 13-Jun-15 20:10:36

I used chlorhexidine based stuff on my foot yesterday when I cut it (by Dog, don't you bleed more in pregnancy, it was like someone had slaughtered a goat in the bathroom...)

I think it's category b? Pharmacist should be able to tell you.

Hope it clears up!

MissTwister Sat 13-Jun-15 20:21:59

Husband went and bought me some and it says safe for pregnancy so I've started treatment. If it doesn't go by Monday will see dentist. Thanks all!

lagirafe Sat 13-Jun-15 20:54:16

Pregnancy does do very strange things to your teeth/gums!

I never have any issues when not pregnant but during my 3rd pregnancy my wisdom teeth suddenly became crazy and I had to have them all removed post-birth under GA!

Currently pg again and have another tooth causing pain and a sore gums. I find religious brushing and 2 x daily Corsodyl keep it at bay unless I'm very stressed.

Hope yours goes soon! It's awful!

Meowandchoppychops Sat 13-Jun-15 23:56:24

Don't forget to clean around there as normal. You can also dip your toothbrush or interdental bush such as a tePe in corsodyl and clean around the area. If it doesn't settle your dentist may need to scale around the area and possibly flush it out with corsodyl to get it to heal. I used to get flare ups around my partially erupted wisdom tooth, found I can stop it flaring up by using a very small headed toothbrush (child's or small round headed oral-b) and closing your mouth while brushing - do it by touch rather than trying to look and you'll find it much easier to clean right at the back. Hope it settles soon

MissTwister Sun 14-Jun-15 09:10:16

Thanks all. My whole left side of face is sore today (again this has happened pre pregnancy) so will take some paracetamol, keep doing the Corsodyl and if its not getting better by tomorrow will try the hard slog of getting to see my dentist. Just what I need, am so busy and stressed at work as it is!!

ovumahead Sun 14-Jun-15 10:33:30

My dentist recommends salty water rinsed around the mouth twice a day for infections as the salt draws the badness
out. Not a hippy dentist either! You really need to treat it as gum issues in pregnancy are associated with premature labour.

MissTwister Sun 14-Jun-15 10:57:23

Thanks ovumahead have read that although it seems to be more associated with long term gum disease. Am nearly at 34 weeks too so hopefully can hold out! X

Roseotto Sun 14-Jun-15 11:20:23

My hygienist told me there is an old saying "have a baby lose a tooth"!
In fact she asked me if there was any way I could be pregnant at just 5 weeks shock - amazing how she could tell so soon.
Best get it seen to.

lagirafe Sun 14-Jun-15 12:12:18

Oh no sorry it's got worse! It's probably because you're stressed and I find if I'm totally not on it with brushing and Corsodyl then infection starts.

The salt water might be worth a try - can't do any harm!

Good luck with dentist!

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