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Worried about upper ab / stomach pain :(

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louisejanep Sat 13-Jun-15 15:50:26

I'm 36 + 5 days and today for the last 2 hours I have had the most intense stomach pain really high up. I was in agony before it's died down a little bit now but seems to be constantly there coming and going a little. I've had stomach ache n and off now for a week. Last weekend I also had stringy discharge which was tinged pink.

I've just rang the labour ward and asked for some advice, the midwife. Told me to take some paracetamol , lie down and if the pain is still there in the next couple of hours , phone back.

I'm really worried though as generally feel dizzy and unwell. Has anybody else experienced this?!

PrincessShcherbatskaya Sat 13-Jun-15 15:56:22

Did you tell the midwife you spoke to that you also feel dizzy and unwell? I think you should get yourself seen to be on the safe side - do you have access to a maternity assessment unit?

louisejanep Sat 13-Jun-15 16:13:46

Yes I told the midwife I feel dizzy and unwell she just said to lie down for a couple of hours. I'm not too sure, the only numbers I have in my notes is labour ward and community midwives.

louisejanep Sat 13-Jun-15 17:01:33

Can you just go and get yourself seen to ? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question

PrincessShcherbatskaya Sat 13-Jun-15 20:55:54

Sorry for late reply - the hospital that is in charge of your care should have a maternity assessment unit. You need to be seen to rule out pre-eclampsia. Abdominal pain and dizziness need to be investigated. Ring 111 if in doubt.

PrincessShcherbatskaya Sat 13-Jun-15 20:56:34

Phone the labour ward for advice - they can tell you what to do. Good luck.

Koalafications Sat 13-Jun-15 20:57:37

This is one of the symptoms of pre eclampsia. Please call your Day Assessment Unit and ask to be seen.

Penguinandminipenguin Sat 13-Jun-15 21:00:07

How are you now? Hope you got checked out.

louisejanep Sat 13-Jun-15 23:46:32

I haven't had the pain since I took the paracetamol. She said if I had blurry vision or headache to call back but I've not had that. I'm not sure what my day assessment unit is, is it the hospital / labour ward no.? Xx

MrsAnxiety1 Sun 14-Jun-15 05:34:51

For any out of hours care, you should have a number in your maternity notes to ring... Most things are dealt with by the labour/delivery ward when the pregnancy assessment unit is closed, but if you ring them they'll know what to do smile Hope you're feeling better.

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