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Can this be hyperemesis at 13w?!

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chopsface Sat 13-Jun-15 10:01:27

Hi everyone. From 6w pregnant I've had horrible, but manageable, nausea. I've been going to work as usual and keeping nausea at bay by nibbling on snacks throughout the day. In the evenings I have been exhausted but eating normal sized, if not a little carb-y, dinners. I have been looking forward to the 2nd trimester starting in the hope that the nausea will abate and my energy will start to return. Last weekend I thought this was starting to happen, I even felt like cooking some of my pre-preg healthy recipes and I felt a turning point. Great I thought!

Monday this week I had a good morning at work and felt chirpy and happy and looking forward to my 12w scan the following day. After my lunch I started to feel tired and sick and then was sick at about 3pm in work. When I went home I felt awful, so nauseous and drained. My scan was first thing Tuesday and put me at 13+1, a week on from what I thought. I didn't go to work after the scan as I felt unwell and as the day went on I felt sicker and sicker. By Wednesday afternoon I was instantly vomiting everything I ate and drank and Thursday I sought help from my GP. He's put me on avomine which is keeping the sickness away in the morning but back with a vengeance in the afternoon. All I can keep down is a bowl of cereal in the morning.

I have googled hyperemesis and all the sources say this starts before week 12 of pregnancy. Can this be HG starting at 13w or just a phase?! I'm dreading this now being my life for the rest of the pregnancy like the other poor HG sufferers. Sorry for the massive post but wanted to give background.

Hellohellohowareyou Sat 13-Jun-15 10:33:34

Mine started at 5.5 weeks this time and Was bad until week 30, im still being sick occasionally now and I'll be 38 weeks tuesday. Most people's I think does start before 12 weeks. So fingers crossed you might just be having a bad few days!! Even if it isn't HG it's still not nice feeling lousy so you may find some of the tips from the HG thread useful, lots of experts on there grin

Laura7010 Sat 13-Jun-15 10:49:07

I have hg and it started at 7 weeks. I don't know the ins and outs of when it starts but it sounds like you've got something bad. If the medication they gave is not working then go back. There are others they can try. I am on my second kind and only now are they working. I was off work for three weeks and am still on a phased return. Even if it's not hg, not keeping anything down can lead to dehydration. You need to drink plenty of fluids if you can. If not seek help. Take care.

chopsface Mon 15-Jun-15 08:31:13

Thanks for the replies hello and Laura and I've now joined the hyperemesis support thread.

Sorry for bumping this again but had anyone else started getting severe sickness after 12 weeks of pregnancy?

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