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Andifyoudontfirstsucceed Sat 13-Jun-15 09:57:18

Oh god it's embarrassing!! Hubby is in hysterics over it - could put many builders to shame. Worst bit is its all so sudden that I can't stop it!! Nearly 15 weeks now - dreading another 25 of this!! Any tips to help it?

Hippymama1 Sat 13-Jun-15 10:16:33

Just let it rip! wink

No-one does wind quite like a pregnant woman. Mine got better in the second trimester but the third has been something else. Both ends. I don't even care anymore! I am 37+1 and am just letting it go - better out than in. wink

IPlayTheFanjoBanjo Sat 13-Jun-15 12:15:15

I'm the only one pregnant in my group of friends atm but had a few friends over for a meal last night. After eating 2 puddings (!) I let out an absolutely huge burp! I just couldn't hold it in!

IPlayTheFanjoBanjo Sat 13-Jun-15 12:16:15

Luckily last night everyone laughed!

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Sat 13-Jun-15 12:31:33

I totally sympathise! A few weeks ago DH said I burped all night while I was sleeping. I think he seriously considered smothering me with a pillow.

IPlayTheFanjoBanjo Sat 13-Jun-15 16:21:00

I think my craving for dairy products is the reason I burp so much! (Just had 2 large strawberry milkshakes - followed by mammoth contented burp!

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