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Piles / haemorrhoids cure...

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TheGratefulRecipient Fri 12-Jun-15 20:16:25

Far too much information, but while I've name changed for something else, I thought that I'd do my good deed for the day and share this with anyone who is pregnant and struggling with piles.

I had horrid piles through 3 pregnancies. I only read about this treatment option after DC3 was born - I wish I had known earlier. My piles weren't going away on their own, and were really starting to upset me.

Anyway, the magic cure- squatting! To go to the loo, obviously - not just on its own. I didn't actually "squat" in the traditional sense, just popped my feet on a stool (the one my toddler uses to reach the sink) and leant forward. After about 10 days of this my piles were completely gone. If you google it there is quite a bit of info.

Feel a bit blush writing this down - I'm not a poo troll, honestly! This was just a really rubbish and embarrassing pregnancy (and post pregnancy) symptom for me, and I really bloody wish someone (midwife, GP?!) had pointed out that there might be such a simple cure, as opposed to repeatedly prescribing cream and lactulose (which didn't work for me).

Hope this helps someone else. I'm off to name change back now....

Lweji Sat 13-Jun-15 08:05:14

It helps, and I do something similar, but I still have mine. smile

Maybe because I don't lean forward that much. Worth a try.

Nottalotta Sat 13-Jun-15 09:21:46

I think it makes it easier to poo rather than having a good effect on the piles. I recently developed a very sore 'pile' with no pooping problems at all. And now i have to stat iron tablets so am not looking forward to the effects.

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