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Baby monitors

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BlueBee Thu 11-Jun-15 21:24:48

posting here as the baby monitor section seems quiet.

Has anyone got or been looking at video monitors?
Any thoughts?


BadgerFace Fri 12-Jun-15 10:50:59

We have a Motorola video monitor and I love it! I think it's a MBP36. The only potential downside is that it doesn't have a vibrate option. When DD first moved into her own room at seven months I found the vibrate feature useful on our non-video monitor (BT) because it only went off if they cried at a certain volume so not every sleepy shout woke me up (when she didn't need me)...

We swapped to the video monitor when DD was about 1 because we'd worked out by then that if she was crying but lying down then she'd most likely go back to sleep on her own but if she was standing up then one of us needed to go in so it was useful to see what she was doing. It's now quite useful sometimes to see what she's doing in her room (she's 2.5) if I'm downstairs...

BlueBee Fri 12-Jun-15 12:46:05

Thanks, that's good to know, I didn't think of a vibrate option, good tip!

Newquay Fri 12-Jun-15 12:49:11

We have that one for preschooler. Great. But for baby we have the angelcare which has a motion sensor - so it goes off of baby stops breathing. U can get a video angelcare with motion sensor. I would go for that if I could choose again.

IfYouWereARiverIdLearnToFloat Sat 13-Jun-15 12:47:07

We're looking at the ones compatible with iPhone remotely as DH works nightshift & it'd be nice for him to be able to log in at work & see our tiny person. Haven't decided which one though?

MumToBe2015R Sat 13-Jun-15 19:04:33

Baby isn't here yet, but we got the Motorola MBP853 HD Wifi monitor. Hubby wanted a monitor on which he could see little one from work, which is a great feature. Just need to get the app on your phone. We've been testing it for a couple of days & I must say it's great. If it's on for any movement or noise you get notifications which is very handy. Great little unit. Let's see how we get on when little one arrives x

Hope you find one soon x

LecaTroyano Wed 13-Jan-16 21:45:50

Hy, Sorry about mu english...I am not American....
I've just bought a Motorola Mbp853 and I installed de app for Iphone, but if someone is using de app and another one connect, The first One falls and to reconect need to be near the Camera to set again. Am I doing something wrong? Thank's!

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