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Large baby

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cathpip Thu 11-Jun-15 12:13:42

I am expecting dc4 and it will be my 4th section in late August, I also happen to carry very large long babies. My lightest being 9lb, my heaviest being 10.9, this little one is clearly following his siblings. I have just had my 28week check up and am measuring 5 weeks larger!! I don't have gestational diabetes and apart from slightly low iron levels and blood pressure I'm in perfect health, just huge smile. The midwives are reviewing my size at my 31 week appointment and then I assume I will have a growth scan. What's the likely hood of me getting an earlier section because at the moment my section is scheduled for when I'm 39+4?

cathpip Thu 11-Jun-15 12:14:51

Oh yes, have also never measured large with any of the others!

S2b16 Thu 11-Jun-15 14:28:28

I'm measuring between 4-5 weeks ahead and they've told me as baby is following the same pattern (4 measurements between 28-34 weeks) they won't send me for growth scan or induce me any earlier. Only said they'll worry if he drops or jumps more than the 5 weeks ahead and to just expect a big baby, my last was 8lb 11 and he's bigger than she ever measured-I'm terrified. Doesn't help when the last two mw have commented on how little water I seem to have and it's all baby confused

AmberLav Thu 11-Jun-15 16:11:28

My friend was told she was having a big baby, so they induced her at 38 weeks - he came out as 7lbs 12, and clearly wasn't ready to come out, as the induction failed hugely, and she had an emergency cs. This baby was definitely smaller than her first even with being early, so the estimates can be very wrong!

My DS was 9.12, and my DD was 10.2, and even as I was in labour, the midwife was certian DD would only be an 8 pounder, I knew she was wrong! Pregnant with my third, so will wait and see - I'm keen on an early vigorous sweep this time, as DD was 10 days late...

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