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Anyone else overdue?

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Pyjamaramadrama Thu 11-Jun-15 09:27:35

Is anyone else overdue and want to join me in having a moan?

I'm 40+6 now and feeling no signs whatsoever. I've had a sweep, tried walking, sex, spicy food, nothing had worked so far.

I haven't had a bad pregnancy so I'm reasonably comfortable but I'm so clumsy atm, I'm dropping things, fell over in the middle of the night half asleep trying to get to the toilet.

My first was early so why isn't my body playing ball this time.

MistressKatherine Thu 11-Jun-15 13:04:17

Feeling your pain! I'm 39+4 but have been getting signs he might show up from week 35. Absolutely nothing. I'm trying to arrange loads of things I won't be able to do when he arrives to keep myself entertained. And a thunderstorm is due tomorrow so a change in air pressure may do it ;)

Hope your little bundle arrives soon!

TheVeryHungryPreggo Thu 11-Jun-15 17:01:44

Me. 40+5 and nothing. Had sort of stopping and starting tightenings yesterday but nothing at all today. Fed up doesn't begin to cover it. No show. No proper contractions. No waters. No nesting phase, or burst of energy. Just a huge increase in stretch marks, PUPPP which is driving me mad, and yes, the clumsiness. I've been walking around in bare feet and apparently trying to break my little toe on every piece of edged furniture I can find. AND THIS HEAT! Jesus.

I haven't had a sweep yet, it's been the hardest thing ever trying to get hold of a medical professional and since my first birth was uncomplicated (apart from needing syntocinon drip and epidural) nobody seems to give a damn. Someone should be calling to me tomorrow but it's one of those any time between 9-5 things, if they show up at all.

If moaning made the baby come faster she would be here by now. I am so grumpy I'd break shit, if I could be bothered. I want a nice big glass of white wine in the sunshine with my lovely newborn dozing in her pram. I bought a bottle two weeks ago (even just going shopping for wine was a novelty and a treat!) and it's been in the fridge ever since. Taunting me.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Thu 11-Jun-15 17:04:27

AND I've grown out of my maternity clothes. I'm down to the last three tops and some cropped trousers that I have to yank up all the time as the bump is too low. I had some dresses but there's so much of me they look like a circus tent hanging off the bump and I feel all exposed underneath and the wind blows them up all the time - it's a bit gusty here.

Pyjamaramadrama Thu 11-Jun-15 17:52:42

thanks To you both and hopefully some wine very soon.

Sooo glad that you know how I feel preggo.

My maternity clothes don't fit anymore either and I know what you mean about the dresses, I look like a tent in mine. I'm living in leggings a very long vest top and a top that's got too small.

I went for lunch with my sister yesterday to take my mind off things and spilt food on my bump plus had her moaning that my (covered) bump was popping from beneath my tshirt. Don't know why I bothered.

Fed up of people's oh so helpful suggestions to get baby out. I don't mean sensible ones like going for a walk.

Was your first late (not sure if you said?)

Wishing you easy and uncomplicated births and content babies.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Thu 11-Jun-15 21:13:11

No, my first was bang on time, but I had a long labour that failed to progress. Waters broke at 39+6, labour lasted 2 days, DS born at 40+1.

I also have the belly drooping below my top, and have to keep hiking up my trousers... Every time I throw a tshirt in the wash I pray that I never have to wear it again! Sweep tomorrow. I hope to god that works!

OneFlewOverTheMumsNest Fri 12-Jun-15 07:14:05

40+1 here. Utterly fed up. Still suffering from morning sickness fgs! Been having cramps on and off for weeks but nothing! Seeing midwife tomorrow so hope she does a sweep and that it works. Was induced with dc1 at 41 weeks because of high blood pressure, really want to avoid that this time.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Fri 12-Jun-15 20:58:50

How's everyone today?

I had a sweep today, the midwife said that my cervix had softened and she was able to do the sweep, so the false start I thought I had on Wednesday did SOMETHING to get started. But she also said that the baby was still only 4/5 engaged. I have had no other signs or symptoms all day, apart from a worsening of my hip pain and a bit of cramping in the hour or two after the sweep - no spotting, no show and no contractions though.

So, induction scheduled for next Thursday. Sigh. Feels like forever away...

Pyjamaramadrama Fri 12-Jun-15 22:25:22

Hi preggo, I'm feeling pretty fed up right now.

Had another sweep today, i'm 3cm, started having mild contractions within an hour but they have started to tail off now so another false start. This is despite walking for an hour and going on birth ball.

They are wanting me to be induced on Wednesday.

I hope that the sweep wasn't too bad and hoping that it starts things off for you soon.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Fri 12-Jun-15 23:12:19

I'd like to think so. All I've got so far is ever-increasing backache... At least you are having some contractions and are partly dilated! It's a good start!

Pyjamaramadrama Sat 13-Jun-15 11:52:29

Any signs today? Everything seems to have stopped for me.

OneFlewOverTheMumsNest Sun 14-Jun-15 16:38:59

Still here. Still pregnant. Even more exhausted! Hope everyone else is having more luck than me.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Sun 14-Jun-15 16:53:25

Afraid not. Still here, still pregnant.

If I stay on my feet for a few hours and get out and about, I can feel some tightening in my uterus start up, but as soon as I rest, it all switches off again.

8 days overdue and at this point I think I'll be going in on Thursday for induction. No show or anything to lead me to believe it's imminent. I found out recently that my mum's first pregnancy (me) was early but both of the others went so overdue they were induced. That looks like being my story too!

Shootingstar2289 Sun 14-Jun-15 16:56:05

I was 2 weeks late with my son, now 4. Nothing I tried worked for me and I tried everything I possibly could.

I used to walk with the dog for miles every day (maybe my body was so used to walking, that it had no effect lol! I was induced.. Which failed but that's another story.

I think they just arrive when they are ready!

Good luck smile

starfish12 Sun 14-Jun-15 19:16:21

Can I join for a moan? 40+6 and fecking fed up too... turned down an EMCS in favour of natural delivery but with no signs I'm fearing induction (again), and lots of intervention. Could have saved myself the bother and had a c section 3 weeks ago and almost be healed by now. Grrrr!!
Sick of strangers telling me I'm massive...
Had some tightening last Tuesday but nothing since then. Got a sweep booked for tomorrow...

Pyjamaramadrama Sun 14-Jun-15 20:11:51

Oh thanksbrew to all of you.

It's so frustrating not knowing. All I've done all weekend is walk, bounce on gym ball had sex which is no easy task at this size, sorry for tmi but surely something should have worked. I've relaxed, I've gone for coffees and cake, I've treated myself in the shops all to take my mind off things. I'm 40+9 and a natural labour is slipping away. I've had two sweeps and another booked in for tomorrow, tempted not to bother as I feel they're giving me false hope.

I'm tempted to push for induction to be put back until I'm 42 weeks but maybe I'm just clutching at straws.

I'm also fed up of being told I'm massive and ready to pop/burst.

I will truly now never offer anyone 'helpful' advice as it's all a load of rubbish.

TheVeryHungryPreggo Mon 15-Jun-15 00:10:37

Sigh... Sunday night and DH is getting his things ready to go to work tomorrow, for yet another Monday he isn't supposed to be in the office.

Last night, this afternoon and again tonight I've had a few BH which are causing a bit of discomfort, but of course the moment I go to bed tonight it will all drop off again - I just know it, the same way I know that packing some mat pads and spare knickers/leggings when I go out means there is absolutely no chance of my waters breaking that day! Definitely only BHs though and not real contractions, real ones are excruciating for me as I have a low pain threshold. When it's real, I'll know all about it.

DH tried to cheer me up by saying "every weekend for the last 4 weeks, you've thought this week ahead could be THE week - well, now you KNOW it's definitely going to be this week! There's only 6 more days left!" Then he ruined it by saying "I told you you should have gone private and had an ELCS, our baby would be three weeks old now.."

I've already eaten all the food I bought in to do us in the first two weeks because I'm too tired and cba to cook. I'm eating junk food because I can, my tastebuds still have that hormonal sweet-craving and I'm fed up enough without eating things that taste too bitter to be enjoyable but that normally taste good.

I've gained so much weight in this pregnancy now - about 16kgs - and I'm starting to worry that the baby is going to be enormous and tear its way out.

Pyjamaramadrama Fri 19-Jun-15 08:47:40

Just catching up on the thread. Finally had my baby boy on Tuesday, I'm exhausted but besotted with him.

Wondering whether you went into labour or in for your induction but hoping everything is going ok, perhaps a birth announcement soon.

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