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What do they cover in the NCT classes?

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seamistbythesea Thu 11-Jun-15 04:51:19

I am booked to go but am so busy could really do without it. Is it more aimed at first time parents?

fanjodisfunction Thu 11-Jun-15 10:26:34

I went to some about four or so years ago, it was full of first time parents. mums and dads there. we had one session that the men were told to stay away where we talked about lochia and life after birth. I had a go at the tutor at this point because I couldn't understand why the husbands shouldn't hear any of that.

some of what we discussed was good and the session devoted to breast feeding was brilliant and in my opinion the best bit of the course.

our tutor was a bit weird, we were all chatting and suddenly she got on all fours and started moaning and then screaming. then she got up smiled and said that's what labour is like. total nut job!

whittlefish Thu 11-Jun-15 10:52:59

I just went to our first one on Sunday as a first timer I found it really useful and our teacher was great. I think they do refresher courses for those who already have children so that might be good for those who arent first timers. Talking to other people who have been I think it really depends on your tutor

MrsAnxiety1 Thu 11-Jun-15 11:01:31

As far as I know, the Essentials and the Signature courses are aimed at first-timers, but they do cover a wide variation of topics led by what you want to know about at the beginning. I like to think I'm quite well-read about the sharp end of things like giving birth, positions etc, but have found that the most valuable things has been meeting people in the same boat as me, due around the same time as me to talk to. I think most people go for the friendships rather than the info, but some of the info and massage techniques for partners to have a to at is particularly good. I think my DH is going to find it invaluable as he'll feel more included in the birth experience.

OhEmGeee Thu 11-Jun-15 11:18:05

Everything! All labour, natural, epidurals, c-sections, all interventions. Although it was more aimed at a natural delivery we covered all interventions and how to potentially avoid them. Pain relief, massage, what to expect after wards. How to look after a baby. Breastfeeding.

We had a small group and got on well and are all still in contact after 3 years so I'd recommend it.

I knew my DH found it really useful in finding out about what he could during labour for me. We all had lunch together which was nice. The Dads were included in everything too.

Debinaround Thu 11-Jun-15 11:18:54

fanjo that has made me laugh out loud.

The course where I live is only for first time mothers. My sister went and was telling me what they discussed and it was nothing I didn't know already. (She had her first baby on Tuesday and I am 39 weeks today with my second)

If you can't go I wouldn't worry. I'm sure you won't forget anything. grin

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