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20 weeks and massive bump!!

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babyblues19 Wed 10-Jun-15 17:54:47

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with one baby and my first baby, I'm shocked at how big my bump is! I'm a size 14 normally so I thought I wouldn't show for a long time. People keep commenting on how big my bump is for 20 weeks and its making me worried. Is there any particular reason why it's so big? I am quite short if that makes a difference

SnozzberryPie Wed 10-Jun-15 17:59:23

I am short too and had a massive bump in my first pregnancy. I think if you have a short torso there is nowhere for the baby to go except outwards. By the time I gave birth I was measuring a couple of weeks ahead and looked like I had a beach ball under my top. Dd was on the 50th centile.

This time around I am 15 weeks and already look huge...

lauraa4 Wed 10-Jun-15 18:00:53

It could be water retention. I was told I was carrying a lot of fluid so could be the same for you.

Ignore what everyone else says anyway. As long as your midwife is happy with the baby's growth and size that's the main thing. I don't know what makes people think you should be a certain size at a certain week!

Nottalotta Wed 10-Jun-15 18:16:27

One of my colleagues insists i am massive and has done so almost daily for weeks. I'm 32 + 4 and consistently measuring within the usual range, a touch over half if that makes sense. I was quite bloated earlier on 16+wks which made me look like i had a bump when i didn't really.

Don't worry, everyone carries differently. Just take notice if your midwife and tell everyone else not to be so rude!

Frasras11 Wed 10-Jun-15 20:29:53

I was massive first time round no I'm huge again. Larger than you but both pregnancies people think I've been full term at 20 weeks. When I told one woman I wasn't she said I must be having twins. When I had my first and they broke my waters what felt like an entire ocean came out and even the midwife said it was the most water she'd seen so I guess I just make a lot of amniotic fluid. Don't worry and only take advice from your midwife or consultant. People always have an opinion when you're pregnant and few are helpful!

HelenF350 Wed 10-Jun-15 20:37:21

My bump was huge at 20 weeks, everyone commented. Now I'm 37.5 and everyone tells me how small it is! I blame my crap stomach muscles and the fact that I used to be very overweight for my early showing.

Bue Wed 10-Jun-15 20:57:22

As others have said bump size really means nothing. I got loads of comments from about 20-26 weeks about how huge my bump was. Now at 33 weeks everyone comments on how small my bump is hmm. I am having regular growth scans (not bump size related!) and baby measures consistently around the 50th centile.

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