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fainting at 35 weeks

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kawla Wed 10-Jun-15 17:08:37

This is my first post on MY.
I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been very stressed out today. I passed out about an hour ago for about 20 minutes but not exactly sure because I am at home alone.i was wondering whether I should phone triage or just get over it because I feel better now but a little worried about baby even though he's moving. I do take iron tablets so I don't know whether this has anything to do with it.
Please advise me on what to do.

coneywonder Wed 10-Jun-15 17:19:33

Definitely ring triage. They say if you faint it's probably normal like a drop in blood pressure but because you didn't know how long you were out for its best to ring them to be safe!! They will want to see you to rule out any other potential problems.

fanjodisfunction Wed 10-Jun-15 17:43:20

ring triage, its the best thing to do.

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