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11+1 and don't feel pregnant anymore....

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Emjones88 Wed 10-Jun-15 08:40:24

This is my first baby so no experience. And I Maybe I just need reassurance, maybe something is wrong. I certainly can't shift the feeling all is not ok with baby.

My pregnancy symptoms; sore boobs, nausea, extream tiredness, constipated, bloated, moody were prominent weeks 6-8. They have all, fairly gradually gone. By week 10 I think I still felt pregnant but last two days in particular I just don't.....

There could be a small amount of paranoia having accidentally read that silent miscarriages exists. I never realised this and thought there would always be bleeding/severe pain. So now I could be putting 2+2 together and getting 5. But as I say I felt like this before I read it, it was just easier to ignor.

I have rung the midwife and she said that it's normal for symptoms to go around this time, and without bleeding/severe pain they would not scan me early.

I have my 12week ish scan booked for 22ed and not sure I can wait that long to find out if (sorry only way to put it) my baby has possibly died.

The last two mornings I have been sobbing at the thought and felling really quite low.

Any advice? It has been suggested I pretend I've had a bleed so to get an early scan, not sure if I'll pull the fin off...

happygojo Wed 10-Jun-15 08:47:21


About now the placenta kicks in and your hormones stabilise.... hence the reason you feel better. You will probably have bad and good days, but overall the first trimester horribleness should be over

missed miscarriages do happen BUT the odds are in your favour.

Please do not pretend to have a bleed just to get a scan. The Early pregnancy units are overrun with women that NEED scans due to possible eptopics and miscarriages, please don't take an appointment that could be used for them. If you DO have a bleed or pain then that is what they are there for.

You can always pay for a private scan, early scans cost approx £50-100 depending on area, however I don't think you have anything to worry about

TheVeryHungryPreggo Wed 10-Jun-15 08:47:33

I found it tended to come and go in waves. I had a big wave of hormones from weeks 6-9, then the bloating dropped off and I was suddenly back in my jeans (both pregnancies), and then it ramped up again around 12-14 weeks. So troughs and peaks are fairly normal, you won't be feeling "pregnant" all the time, you will get breaks from it.

I'm 40w4 and I still have a few days good, a few days bad...

Hang in there. Other signs to watch for are anxiety, chin spots, headaches, bloating, emotional, lying awake at night worrying about stupid trivial stuff that can be rationalised away... you're probably more under the influence of hormones than you realise, even if you don't feel nauseous and fatigued all the time anymore.

newbian Wed 10-Jun-15 08:50:00

I'm not in the UK so being seen much more regularly - every 4-5 weeks. Anytime I complained of pain, too many symptoms, lack of symptoms, etc. the response has always been "Is there bleeding?" Answer being no, the doctor said not to worry. I'm 19 weeks today and so far the baby has been alive and healthy at every scan.

My first trimester symptoms went away around week 12 which is near where you are, so agree with the midwife that it's normal. I had a few days wondering if I was still pregnant around that time. At 11/12 weeks you can't "feel" the baby so I wouldn't put too much stock in that. I had a scan at 11 weeks and the little one was flipping around all over the place like a gymnast, but if you'd asked me 5 minutes before I would have wondered if anything was happening down there.

Emjones88 Wed 10-Jun-15 08:59:48

Ok thank you ladies, that helps and I hoping your all right. In fact am sobbing reading your reassurance so your most probably right about hormones lol.

Had wondered how much the scans cost as didn't want to take up a precious space for what is likely to be a bit of hypochondria.

Roll on scan I suppose!

Also the name VeryHungryPreggo made me smile, best one I've seen I reckon.

scarednoob Wed 10-Jun-15 09:10:37

I was exactly the same. Sobbed before my 12 week appointment even though a tiny bleed at 6 weeks meant that we knew the bean had a heartbeat by that stage. Sobbed before my 20 week appointment... I think it's pretty common to worry because it's so far out of our control and it's something we want so so much. And google is evil. Evil!

If you are really worrying, agree a private scan is the best way forward. But if you can hang on, you don't have long to wait. And MMC, whilst truly tragic and terrifying, is also rare. Good luck!

BadgerFace Wed 10-Jun-15 09:15:11

It is normal for symptoms to disappear but that doesn't make it easier to deal with emotionally, especially when there are lots of hormones flying through your system! If it is affordable then you can book a private scan for reassurance before your 12 week scan as happygojo says.

I completely empathise, I have missed miscarriage fears after reading about them even though logically I know that things are 99% likely to be fine. Funnily enough my low level nausea of the last 4 weeks seems to have tailed off this week too. I had an early scan at 7 weeks from the assisted conception unit where I saw a heartbeat and I am still worried that something has happened since then! I've actually booked for a private scan this weekend at 10 weeks as my 12 week scan is not until 3 July and is the day before we go on holiday so I don't want potentially bad news that day... And yet I logically know it is most likely a waste of £100!

I am usually a fairly sane, rational person and this is baby number 2 so I should find it easier to go through but these pesky hormones do weird things to us...

Distracted15 Wed 10-Jun-15 13:36:38

I was exactly the same yesterday! I'm 10 weeks today and my nausea and extreme tiredness had disappeared. I was also an emotional wreck yesterday crying at everything and it normally takes a hell of a lot for me to cry! I'd also read about the silent miscarriages so was panicking, I've had no bleeding or cramps so far. woke up today much more positive and happy. Roll on our scans in a few weeks!! smile

MissTwister Wed 10-Jun-15 13:54:37

I was 90% convinced I'd had a MM as didn't have many symptoms. Everything was fine!

MummyBexta Wed 10-Jun-15 13:58:07

My symptoms all disappeared at 12 weeks and I had that 'no longer pregnant' feeling. I'd agree with what has been said - either hold on til 12 week scan or pay for a private one - if you google it you will see local places. Baby bond etc. Don't lie to use up an NHS appointment. Hopefully the next week or so will hurry over for your planned 12 week scan.

Emjones88 Wed 10-Jun-15 17:49:10

Thank you ladies. It's good to hear that it is likely all is ok and I'm not alone.

I am generally a level head, rational, cool as a cucumber type. But as I'm not I suppose that could be proof all is going well with baby and hormones are rampant. It doesn't help that I haven't heard or seen them at all yet.

If anxiety about it gets worse I might see how soon I can get a private scan booked. Otherwise I suppose could just get my emotional head out of my arse! Lol

BadgerFace Wed 10-Jun-15 17:53:28

Babybond usually have appointments with a couple of days notice so you can always book one last minute!

I'd like to say the rational side of you returns once the baby is here, but then I remembered nearly crying in the street when DD was about 4 weeks old because I got lost walking to a cinema... Damn those post-baby hormones too! We'll all be fine by 6 months post birth I'm sure... wink

Emjones88 Wed 10-Jun-15 18:30:15

Here's to hoping then. As that's all there is it would seem smile

Nottalotta Wed 10-Jun-15 18:42:18

I had a bit of a meltdown at my consultant appointment around 16wks. Even though 12wks scan showed a very active baby, my symptoms (extreme nausea and exhaustion) disappeared, no bump etc.

Consultant kindly did a scan and assured me i ws 'very much' still pregnant.

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