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Pregnancy insomnia

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BrownEyedGirl32 Wed 10-Jun-15 06:27:36

Hi there,

I am 16wks pregnant with my 2nd child and am lying in bed after yet another night of no sleep. It has been getting progressively worse, so much so that I now have severe anxiety and panic attacks. My husband is currently off work to help look after my 2year old as I have days where I can't do anything. Things came to a head last week when I visited my midwife who saw I was in such a high anxiety state that I saw a gp straight away. They have put me on a low dose of diazepam and have referred me to the perinatal team for help. I'm so exhausted and can see no joy in the future. I feel if I could get a few nights sleep it would make all the difference. I feel I could fall asleep but when I shut my eyes I get a nervous feeling in my stomach and chest that wakes me. My first pregnancy wasn't like this but bonding with this baby has been hard this time. I need help now!!! I have tried relaxation, hypnotherapy, camomile tea, etc.

Sorry for long rant. Needed to get it off my chest, soooooo tiredsad

Glindathegoodwitch Wed 10-Jun-15 12:40:32


Sorry you are feeling so down. I have not been as extreme as you but am also on DC2 (10 years since 1st) and weeks 5 - 9, my body didn't know what sleep was, I was absolutely exhausted. I had to move to the furthest point in the house where it was quietest and literally channel my mind into peace (im not hippyish in any form and not into this kind of thing usually!)

Literally just had to try to stop myself thinking about ANYTHING at all. And do remember, if you have time to sleep in the day, DO! if DH is home with DC1, just take yourself off for a nap if you can.

Sorry I've not said anything to constructive, but hope you feel better soon flowers

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