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Pre term labour - nervous

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lightgreenglass Wed 10-Jun-15 05:30:29

Just looking for reassurance. I'm 34+5 weeks gone and my waters went last night. Currently in hospital and they seem relaxed about the whole thing. Have been given antibiotics and a steroid injection.

DS was 40+4 when he arrived and the thought of a tiny baby terrifies me. I hadn't packed anything, I haven't bought anything for this baby yet.

I had so many plans for my maternity leave, due to start in 3.5 weeks, washing the clothes, cleaning the house, batch cooking and generally get ready for this little one.

On top of that I've never been away from DS for more the 48 hours and now I face the prospect of being in hospital for an age and I already miss him.

I was induced with DS and we had to stay in for a week and the wards are grim, no natural light and I can't sleep. I just want to go home.

Sorry for the rant, I know I am in the best possible place but feel despondent about everything. I try and plan everything so this is unexpected, I also feel really guilty about not going to work in a couple of hours as I know they need me over these next couple of weeks.

purplemurple1 Wed 10-Jun-15 05:49:23

Forget about work they will cope in a few weeks they would of had to anyway.

Could you skype ds so you can see each other if he cant visit?

Could your oh or you get online and order some new little baby clothes (Tesco do a tiny baby range) solves the problem of washing as well.
We eat a lot of jar sauces with rice or pasta and frozen meals it will be fine for a few months.
Then just concentrate on resting and giving your new little one the attention they are soon going to need from you.
Best wishes for it all having two is hard but fun.

willnotbetamed Wed 10-Jun-15 07:06:56

It's a big shock - my first was born at 32 weeks and with my second, I had to go into hospital from 27 weeks due to signs of preterm labour. A week later nothing had happened so I checked myself out, but I had to spend six weeks resting and so I couldn't look after my DC1 (then 2) at all really. It is hard, but try to think positive - post 34 weeks there are not normally any problems with the baby (I'm surprised you even had the steroid injection - I thought they don't do that after 34+0) and newborn babies don't really need a lot of stuff! I found it very hard being away from DC1 too, but it certainly never affected him - he adored his brother from the moment he was born, they are thick as thieves now (aged 7 and 5), and I don't feel like it damaged our relationship in any way.
Try to keep calm, don't worry about sorting out the house or getting organized (I never had that luxury either) and look forward to meeting your little one soon!

lightgreenglass Wed 10-Jun-15 09:35:04

Thanks for the messages. Have emailed work...

They want to keep me going till as close to 37 weeks as possible so I'm getting another round of steroids then monitoring me for another 24 hours then hopefully I can go home for a week or so then I'll be induced. Fingers crossed.

AbbeyRoadCrossing Wed 10-Jun-15 09:58:19

I hope all goes well OP
It's good that you got the steroids in, that really helps the lungs.
Nothing prepares you really but babies are tougher than they look. I too found the being at work / being in hospital thing hard to get my head around for a long time as he was my 1st I never got maternity leave on my own.
Oh and your baby might not be teeny tiny - my preemie was 6lb 9!
Hopefully you won't need it but the premature birth forum on here was really useful for me, as were free booklets from Tommy's and Bliss you can send off for. Tommy's also have an app now for tracking feeds and weight - easier than the bits of paper the hospital give you.

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