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32 weeks baby measuring below 5 centile. Help

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wtfih Tue 09-Jun-15 22:20:17

I have measured fine for dates until last week when my midwife told me I was measuring a week behind.

I did not read too much into it as she seemed absolutely not bothered by this, however, I went for a private wellbeing scan today at the FMC and I was told that my baby measures below the 5 centile.

I asked why and she then started to measure again the blood flow in the arteries and she said that 2 of the arteries that feed the placenta (out of 4 I believe) are a bit narrower (but still within normal limits). She doesn't know what is causing it but advised I should go for another scan in 2 weeks time.

I have been told to keep an eye on movement and go to the hospital if something feels wrong. I am obviously besides myself with worry and been crying a fair bit.

Does anyone have any experience of this please?
No sugar coating please, what should I expect?

mika2 Tue 09-Jun-15 22:38:53

So sorry to hear you're having such a stressful time. Don't have any experience but I'm pregnant and have a velamentous cord insertion and the main risk is that the baby's growth will start to slow in the 3rd trimester. Might this be causing it? I was told if that happens I might need to have an early cesarean with steroids in advance to develop the baby's lungs. Obviously it's far from ideal but baby's born at 32 weeks (and earlier) are absolutely fine. (I was told I needed to get to 28 weeks.) Wishing you lots of luck and hope it all works out

wtfih Wed 10-Jun-15 09:44:03

Hi Mika,

Sorry to hear about your cord problems. Hopefully everything will turn out well and you won't be required to deliver early. I've read that resting for a few hours on your left side, especially after having a meal, could help. Have they not suggested bed rest yet?

She couldn't find anything wrong with the cord/arteries that feed the placenta. The dr that did the scan mentioned that 2 of the arteries are narrower than the rest, but still within normal limits and so far she doesn't think there was a problem with the placenta. She also said the fluid around the baby looks normal.

I have been told to book an urgent appointment with the obstetrics team at my hospital, I've been on hold with them for 40 min this morning and still on hold as I type this.

I could not sleep much lat night, kept waking up and felt like crying each time thinking about all this. It was very hard to go back to sleep.

If anyone else has any experience of this, please share.

BlackbirdOnTheWire Wed 10-Jun-15 09:53:11

My Dc1 was measuring a couple of weeks behind at 32 weeks, but was 7lbs 4 at birth.

DC2 was measuring over a week behind. I had a planned CS scheduled for 38w, we were told to expect a 5lb ish baby and got an 8lb12 one. None of the small baby clothes fitted, or the new baby ones...

I don't know about arteries, but the scans - even the most technologically advanced 3D ones, such as the ones we had with the fetal medicine clinic throughout DC2 pregnancy - can be wrong on size. Unless my DC piled on 3lb plus in the last 24 hours of gestation...

Best of luck and try not to worry too much. I know it's easier said than done.

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