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I have mirena coil but I have been feeling lots of pregnancy symptoms!

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Nads1524 Mon 08-Jun-15 02:34:29

Hi everyone

I have the mirena coil but over the last few months, I have been feeling more and more pregnancy symptoms - my abdomen is now swollen up like I am 4 months pregnant, my breasts have grown dramatically and nipples are more sensitive, I am having random cravings for different food, I am feeling kicking sensations in my abdomen and I feel intermittently dizzy and sick.

However my partner and I have taken pregnancy test after pregnancy test, all showing negative. We have been to my GP who doesn't think I am pregnant but has recommended I go to hospital to get a blood test to make sure. I have had 3 scans to monitor my ovary cysts, but none of these have revealed any pregnancy.

Planning to get the blood test done sometime this week when we have a spare moment, we already have 2 kids and we would love to have another so if I am pregnant, it would be a lovely surprise! Any advice or tips would be great thank you xx

PS I have also been going wee a lot more everyday, my bladder feels constantly full, and I feel like my body is carrying a significant weight, any advice/support would be so appreciated thank you xx

Topsy34 Mon 08-Jun-15 07:29:10

Can you feel the strings?

I had symptoms after a couple of years of having the mirena, sore boobs, sickness, food aversions and took several tests over a month. All negative

I went to my GP and explained and she said it was highly unlikely, and the asked if i could feel the strings. Whoch I couldn't, she checked and basically the strings were there but curled up so much you couldnt barely see them.

Anyway, about 6 months later we decided to have the coil out and the same gp took it out and the strings had curled round the coil itself and she speculated that it may have affected the coil itself

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