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Sciatica and painkillers

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iusedtobecool Sun 07-Jun-15 20:23:43

I have recently been diagnosed with a slipped disc at on,y 21 weeks pregnant, as you can imagine, it was an extremely painful and horrible experience which kept me in hospital over a few nights.

I have since had a few sessions with an osteopath which has helped with the back pain, but I have been left with awful sciatica that is absolute agony. I have been prescribed a cocktail of painkillers including low doses of codeine, diazepam and also tramadol. I feel awful taking them, especially tram adol, which I only take when things are really unbearably painful.

Although the doctors and midwives have said it is ok to take medication at the this stage of my pregnancy, but I have been told the the baby can become used to tramadol and get withdrawal symptoms when he or she is born. I am horrified about this, but have also been advised to carry on with the pain relief, as I am in so much discomfort and pain.

I am actively trying to get rid of this sciatica, been seeing an osteopath, and hopefully will be getting referred for acupuncture soon. I'm doing my physio exercises, but it is not shifting yet. I am so confused about if I should be taking the painkillers, or just work through it?

Anyone had any similar experiences?

Rosenwyn1985 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:39:20

I hae a health condition which Perthshire painkillers (morphine in my case). When I first thought about getting pregnant I was sure I would be in trouble. I can't live without the tablets (my pain is so awful I was bed ridden before I took them) and didn't think I could take them in pregnancy because of the withdrawal at the end. I'm 29+3 with my second pregnancy and although the withdrawal was hard going with my son, it was over relatively quickly. They give you an outside estimate of up to two weeks getting baby through and monitor them every 4 hours. They symptoms are horrendous, and are hard to watch but you get through it. The baby will scream with a very high pitch, their muscles spasm and they require 24 contact. If you are still on the tablets at birth I would consider bottle feeding. this helped flush the drugs through, whereas breast feeding keeps putting more in and can prolong the withdrawal. Ask to speak to a neo natal doctor if you are concerned about after birth care for baby. We were referred first time and it was very reassuring. The problem with opiates is that the only studies on them are with addicts not medically supervised mums. The neo natal doc said most of the risks associated with these drugs are more connected to the lifestyle of addicts (for example if you are struggling to pay for drugs you probably don't eat well, might have other addictions etc).

I would reassure you that the hospital will very closely monitor your baby and you will be taken to neo natal if there are issues. It is hard work, a new born in withdrawal can't be left and the nurses at the hospital here were a life saver. We were out in 5 days with our first born and he's a healthy, happy boy. It is emotionally exhausting but worth it. Feel free to message me with questions. Hope this helps!

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