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Anxious about another pregnancy (complications & Gestational Diabetes last time)

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veggie77 Sun 07-Jun-15 20:17:27

Hi. I'm starting to think about having our second child and am really feeling quite anxious about going through another pregnancy again. My first pregnancy with my Son was awful. I had 3 things wrong with me, which in my head I've rolled into one and am scared about going through it all again.

Firstly, at 16 weeks I got a UTI and had to take antibiotics which was pretty painful. After 2 rounds of antibiotics which didn't clear it up, my GP insisted on prescribing me penicillin, which I said I was allergic to. He convinced me it was the only safe antibiotic to take whilst pregnant. So, secondly, I had a severe allergic reaction and ended up going to hospital in an ambulance.

I developed a bright red rash and most of my skin came off. I was put on steroids through an IV drip and almost went to theatre to have a line put in my neck because the medics tried all day to get a vein and couldn't find one (I swelled up like a massive red tomato you see!) For 2 weeks my face was so red and skin was falling off it that I feared I'd be scarred for life and never be pretty again. I couldn't take painkillers for the pain whilst pregnant, so the whole experience was dreadful. Fortunately I made a normal recovery and you'd never know it had happened to me. To recover from the allergic reaction to Penicillin though I had to take steroids for 4 weeks, which made me want to eat loads of sweet stuff. I put on a stone in a month and it mucked up my blood sugars.

The whole experience made me want to get rid of the baby for a short while, as I thought that the pregnancy was all doomed.

Thirdly, just a couple of weeks after I'd finally recovered from the penicillin reaction, I was 26 weeks pregnant and had to take a Glucose Tolerance Test for gestational diabetes. My twin brother has type 1 diabetes so I was checked automatically. I tested positive for it and over the last trimester, had to go for the fortnightly clinic appointments at the diabetes clinic where they put me on a diet of restricted carbs and then eventually I ended up on Metformin tablets then having to inject insulin for the last 5 weeks. I just remember having diarrhoea from the Metformin tablets for about 2 months and being really hungry most of the last trimester but not being able to eat much, in order to keep my blood sugars stable.

I said to myself at the time that I'd never go through another pregnancy again. I just felt so low and wanted it all to be over with. However, now I see my 2 year old boy playing and I think I'd quite like to give him a sibling. I'm a twin and my husband is one of 3 boys all close in age, so we both want for him what we had. I just don't think I have the nerve to go through a second pregnancy. I'm 38 and don't have much time to deliberate over this, so I guess my question to the other Mumsnetters is 'Have you had a horrendous pregnancy first time around then managed to summon up the courage to have a second child?' If so, how did you find the courage / strength to go through it again?

I was told by the Diabetic team that I'd more than likely get Gestational Diabetes again with another pregnancy so I'm bracing myself for it to happen with a future pregnancy.

Topsy34 Sun 07-Jun-15 21:14:51

I'm anxious for different reasons, my first pregnancy was a breeze, sailed through labour and recovery.

Then in January I had a miscarriage. now I'm 16 weeks and everything is worrying, any little twinge, I'm knicker checking everytime for blood, I'm worried about eating the wrong thing.

Whilst i dont have any advice to your situation, what i can tell you is every pregnancy is different. Yes you may get diabetes again, but then again, you might not. No one knows til it happens or doesnt happen......

Be strong, you are doing great.

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