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mini cramps

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tinyme135 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:34:33

I keep getting small and painless cramps. Is this normal?

weelamb123 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:35:15

Yes, how far along are u?

tinyme135 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:37:40

I think I'm about 5 or 6 weeks ill find out on Tuesday when I see the midwife for the first time.

weelamb123 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:57:18

Then yes, totally normal at the beginning. Its ur body getting used to a foreign body if u like and the embryo embedding into ur uterus. It should die down by about 8 weeks. As long as u have no bleeding. Xx

tinyme135 Sun 07-Jun-15 18:58:49

I had like a light spotting yesterday but the doctor told me that was normal as long as it's not fresh red blood and horrible cramping to go with it. As a first time mum I'm scared it'll go badly xx

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