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Can anyone recommend a bottle/steriliser set?

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seamistbythesea Fri 05-Jun-15 13:53:04

AM hoping to bf but being realistic after last time I am going to buy a bottle steriliser set ready. Just been looking at the avent starter set - or any recommendations?

mummyneedinganswers Fri 05-Jun-15 14:43:29

Tommee tippee set I prefer tommee tippee to haven't

mummyneedinganswers Fri 05-Jun-15 14:44:17


Cheshirehello79 Sat 06-Jun-15 07:51:14

I've just bought tommee tippee new starter kit you get everything it's now on offer Amazon and Argos

tryingtocatchthewind Sat 06-Jun-15 07:56:47

Mam bottles are great as you sterilise within themselves in a microwave so you don't need a separate steriliser. Although I do have a bottle of Milton which I find so much easier than a steriliser

Christelle2207 Sat 06-Jun-15 08:55:45

Before yo buy check the size of your microwave. I didn't think of ours as small at all yet could only find one steriliser that would fit (the Boots one). Thinking back though I think sterilising with milton would have been less faffy and much better for our electric bill.

eurochick Sat 06-Jun-15 08:57:29

We've gone for mam too. A bit faffy to wash but no need for a steriliser.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sat 06-Jun-15 09:28:15

I have the Avent microwave sterilezer. I used it for most of our kids and it is very good.
OP if you happy to pay for the postage you can have it for free, we are not having any more kids and I'll be glad to get rid of it.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sat 06-Jun-15 09:28:53

btw if you'd rather buy new I understand. smile

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sat 06-Jun-15 09:31:17

In fact if you happen to live close enough you could come and pick it up. I'd be happy to give you small bottles too, used/unused teats, bottle brush etc.
PM me if you are interested

Bellejessleo Sat 06-Jun-15 09:52:52

In mothercare they have the avent steriliser, bottles and breast pump and a few other things, in a kit for £75 which I thought was quite good.

seamistbythesea Sun 07-Jun-15 07:29:06

Thanks all, and thanks Zing - we are back end of nowhere so won't be close enough to pick up smile

icklekid Sun 07-Jun-15 07:31:00

zing never say never wink

OhEmGeee Sun 07-Jun-15 07:57:10

Tommee Tippee bottles, used for both DC.

For my first we used the microwave steriliser, for DC2 we are using a Milton tank, I cannot tell you how much easier it is. It may be the old way but it's much less of a faff. Change the water every 24 hours and just take stuff in and out as needed.

Hellolemonade Sun 07-Jun-15 08:20:26

I used tommee tippee bottles with my first and really disliked them. They are an awkward shape so not easy to take out and about or store. I'm going to try the aventt ones this time. Have also bought a Milton cold water steriliser, my life became so much easier after ditching the microwave one last time.

ZingDramaQueenOfSheeba Sun 07-Jun-15 08:51:43

seamist no worries. but if you change your mind and want me to post it at cost let me knowsmile

<chucks ickle in shark tank>

MissMartin10 Sun 07-Jun-15 10:02:06

I've not used it yet but ive bought the tommee tippee lset aswell it looks great and has everything you need.. im also hoping to bf well express mainly but supplement with formula just incase in don't make enough milk, ive also boughtb the tommee tippee perfect prep machine smile

MissMartin10 Sun 07-Jun-15 10:03:12

the tommee tippee set includes the steam sterliser*

MummyPiggy87 Sun 07-Jun-15 10:38:57

Sounds like the tommee tippee have improved then, they were absolute rubbish 7 years ago and always leaked!

Elledouble Sun 07-Jun-15 10:46:56

We've got a Born Free microwave steriliser and Nuby bottles (that came with the breast pump). Our microwave is a bit small and the steriliser fits fine and is compatible with most brands of bottles, apparently.

lunalovegood84 Sun 07-Jun-15 12:40:08

We used the Avent microwave steriliser and bottles. Considering I impulse bought them in Aldi as a just in case option (planned to bf but it didn't work out) I thought they were great. I got the steriliser for a tenner and the starter set of bottles for around the same price.

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