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35+2 but measuring 32

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Stinkylinky Thu 04-Jun-15 15:23:47

I saw the midwife last week who said I was measuring small and wanted to see me again today to see if anything has changed, I'm still measuring 32 weeks.

I'm now waiting for the hospital to call with an appointment for a scan to check everything is okay.

I'm panicking as this is my first baby and everything has been textbook so far.

Picklesauage Thu 04-Jun-15 20:33:04

I am 36 and measuring 32.5, I have reduced waters (diagnosed by growth scan). My baby is growing perfectly, she just doesn't have a lot of waters surrounding her. They are monitoring as low risk and will induce at 38 weeks.

Stinkylinky Thu 04-Jun-15 20:59:29

Thanks Pickle, my bump has always felt rock hard, is yours similar? Do you think reduced waters could explain it? Sorry for all the questions!

MuddyWellyNelly Thu 04-Jun-15 22:44:03

Try not to worry. I am 32 weeks and still relatively tiny, as every man and his dog point out to me. In fact I've no idea what my bump measures as I'm having regular scans anyway (have been booked all along as I'm apparently a geriatric). Baby is very slightly below the average size, around 35th-40th centile, but perfectly within normal range. Everything else has been completely fine for me too. I do have quite strong stomach muscles and there is a theory that it could be holding everything tight, but that's just a guess. I've been told waters are fine.

Remember that at term babies can be classed as normal whether they are 6lbs something or over 10lbs- that's a huge range!

eggsnbeans Fri 05-Jun-15 02:26:39

Please try not to worry! Bump measurement is not that accurate, a guide only. I measured 3-4 weeks behind all along with dd2 and she was over 10lbs!

Picklesauage Fri 05-Jun-15 08:56:52

It could be reduced waters, but I measured small with my first too. She was always 1-2 cm under and my bump was really hard. That was because I had very strong stomach muscles ( my gynae attributed it to years of very heavy, painful, long periods so my stomach muscles very used to squeezing and being worked out).

It is more than likely nothing at all. Î didn't mean yo frighten you with my waters stuff. It is just what is causing my small size this time.

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