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Help on symptoms this anything at all?!

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Gozzles Thu 04-Jun-15 12:08:16

Hey ladies...I'm hoping for some advice/guidance/help.

I'm pretty sure I'm 8DPO, and on days 2,3 and 5,6DPO I had a very strange stabbing sensation over my left ovary. I put the first couple days down to ovulation but then did the online calculators and all of them have said I would've been in DPO.

I have also been quite emotional this week and noticed a change in secretions down below - so much more and very white and watery. I've also had a stuffy nose and sneezing.

Now I know this is most likely nothing, but upon googling it came up with early signs of pregnancy. I've not been on birth control for the past 6ish weeks, and have had plenty of unprotected sex.

I was hoping to see if this was me just having an off week, or if this tallies with anyone else's experience?

Thanks so much for reading, I hope to hear from yall soon smile

weelamb123 Thu 04-Jun-15 12:17:41

The thing is any symptoms could be a sign of pregnancy cos literally anything goes when u are pregnant. Only way of really knowing is to take a pregnancy test. Good luck xxx

Ears2yaVanGogh Thu 04-Jun-15 12:24:57

You could be ovulating later than usual, hence the pain and the discharge. Ovulation is a movable feast. Sometimes it's day 14, others day 19. You just really never know unless you are actively charting. Good luck! Get a First Response test though and take it a couple of days before you're due on. X

Cherryblossomsinspring Thu 04-Jun-15 12:25:19

You need to wait 2 days at least and do a test. In the meantime you can symptom spot and feel the thrill of 'what if'.

Gozzles Thu 04-Jun-15 13:09:59

Thanks girls smile I'm sure it's not anything, but now I'm just not so sure! I know if i test now it will just be a negative whatever, but feeling this was is driving me nuts! I should know better than to google symptoms! Hehe grin

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